Which of the 'Premium' games are worth it?

I have only given it a miss as they are charging by the episode, where Monkey Island and Broken Sword have the full game for the same sort of price.
Mate try the demo first - but I think it scales very well on the iPad. I have only not bought it just in case they release a proper version for us.


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How about broken sword, does anybody know how well that scales?
Buy the HD version.


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As far as flight control goes, I fully recommend Harbour Master HD as an alternative. The app with one map is free and even if you buy the three additional maps (totalling 4 as opposed to 3 in FC) the game is still over a quid cheaper than FC. It lacks any form of multiplayer but hey, it's free.
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Flight Control HD and SpaceStation HD seem worth it to me. I tried Harbour Master HD, but it just isnt as good as Flight Control HD.

Anyone tried Doom Classic (iPhone) on the iPad? Obviously a great game on the PC, but wondered how the conversion, and then x2-ing it leaves the final result.


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Thought I would report back and say which I am enjoying now.

Real Racing HD 9/10 Superb with the touch controls rather than the tilt.

Soosiz HD 8/10 Good clean releaxing fun

Lets Golf 10/10 Superb

Dragon Warrior 6/10 Quite impressive, but not really into 1v1 fighters

Pinball HD 10/10 Superb

Flight Control 7/10 Ok

Angry Birds HD 8/10 Would be higher but its the same game as iPhone that I played to death.

Shrek Karting 7/10 Not bad, but not brilliant

COD Zombies 7/10 Impressive but control is very awkward

Cocoto Kart 8/10 Better than shrek IMO

PBA 2 9/10 best bowling game I have found

Labyrinth 2 HD 9/10 Superb

NFS Shift 9/10 only just started but loving it so far

SMB 2 7/10 Disapointed with the sensitivity of control

Scrabble 9/10 Its scrabble!

2XL Rally Trophylite HD 9/10 Stunning, though a bit easy as its impossible to crash. Great game to show off the iPad

Mini-Gore HD 9/10 Love it, simple but great.

Brothers In Arms 2 HD 7/10 good graphics but the controls stink and it makes you feel like all the aiming is done by auto aim (which it is)

Orbital HD 8/10 Brilliant if a little infuriating sometimes.

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