which of the 2 motors look the best

which looks the best

  • best looking 1.my astra

    Votes: 6 8.0%
  • best looking 2.my uncles audi a4

    Votes: 63 84.0%
  • best allrounder 3. my astra

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • best allrounder 4. my uncles audi a4

    Votes: 59 78.7%

  • Total voters
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hello well there seemed to be some confusion on the last poll
i know my self a audi is a better car than an astra mk4

but my poll was about the best looking motor (not best all rounder)
so please remember that this is just about the look of the motor nothing else this was mine and my uncles intial argument

please no slagging motors off i am 28 my uncle is 48 this is a fun dissagreement nothing else

let me start with mine
1.6 astra mk4 sxi 02 plate
custom alacantra blue interior
standard sxi performance exhaust(not halfords
standard vx coupe silver trim (not halfords)
jdl hatch spoiler and irmy top spoiler

the audi
2000 1.9 i think tdi
very clean
rear spoiler
private plate

so please remember that this is just about the look of the motor nothing else this was mine and my uncles intial argument

please no slagging motors off i am 28 my uncle is 48 this is a fun dissagreement nothing else

eric pisch

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you just don't get it, that poll was a very fair representation of how 99.99% of other drivers on the road see you and that includes the police as well.

max power chav cars only look good to spotty teens, once you grow up you appreciate what makes a car good

quality of finish
etc etc

I know, I have been there, done that, some of my first cars where totally max power wannabe's which only got me stoped by the police constantly, 120db cherry bomb exhausts, cosworth body kits, huge alloys, stupid giant spoliers, 3000 watt stereos, and 6 6" 150 watt spots ala rally car style. You think you are the coolest 99.9% of everyone else thinks your a plonker.

As i got a bit older and after going to race school for 2 weeks and learning what actually is important in a car all my money has been spent on unseen mods and where possible making my car as normally and stealthy as possible.

Ill try and find some pics of my embarrising cars ...

And btw most girls cant stand this kind of car, it doesnt impress them no matter what they tell you they are thinking you are compensating for a lack of something :) Girls like cars that are cute, comfortable, have heated seats, but best of all cars with massage/vibrating seats :)


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No offence but if you didnt like the result last time, it seems a little pointless trying to ask the same question in a different way again.

The Audi is simply a nicer looking car, Id say yes its not as bold or in your face but simply better looking, like a good fitting Armani suit comared a the Eko Unlimited Hoody that the Astra is.

BTW I think you would have a chance in politics!


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Is this serious? If you like your car, then enjoy it but you're just setting yourself up for a fall here. Stop worrying about what others think and get out and drive! I'm sure if you posted a poll on MaxPower (or performance vauxhaull :D) the result would be different but come on?!

Ian J

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No matter how you repackage the question I think that the concensus will remain the same as the two cars will appeal to completely different types of people and there are more of one sort on this forum that the other.

I didn't vote or comment in the last poll but to be honest your car doesn't appeal to me in the slightest whereas the Audi A4 is a masterly statement in refined elegance

Deleted member 27989

I think it has all been said before, but it always make me smile and wonder....You start off with a wee little Astra 1.6 and then dress it up...And by your own actions have to list what has been added...But the factor is that it is still a 1.6 Astra....

A bit like putting lipstick on a pig if you ask me, no matter how you tart it up it still is a pig....There is a market for an Astra, but competing with an Audi it is definitely not...


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You could do the Astra a favour by taking a photo from a similar angle as that of the Audi, would go some way towards hiding that enormous boot handle ;).


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Haha owned, twice !


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Confused !


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The astra looks like a piece of ****.


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I like the improved practicality an enlarged boot handle offers, but frankly that Astra is ugly as sin and I wouldn't be seen dead in it. In fact if I was in it I would probably wish I was dead.

The old shape A4 isn't the most exciting of cars but it is elegant.

Easy winner.

As other people have said, "chavmobiles" only really appeal to one kind of driver. The clue is in the name.

Dr Evilest

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Still the audi for me I'm afraid.
On the other hand, if you'd gone for genuine halfords parts......:lesson:


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I know exactly what you were asking in the other thread, so I repeat my comment from there -

Hmm, nice A4 versus Barried Astra.

Tricky one, that............



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Isn't this a bit like asking whether you'd like to be run over with a Lada or a woman with a lovely pair of boobies?

I don't think i've seen ANY Vauxhall which looks better than an Audi, and I sure as hell have not had an epiphany this morning!!

My focus looks better than that Astra, probably performs better too due to there being no extra bits of weight added! :rotfl:


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probably not the answer you want but the audi everytime for me. in both looks and functionality department, think you are gonna be hard pressed to find anyone that prefers the astra.


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The Audi. By a country mile.

All your "extras" have done is devalued the car.


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This did make me chuckle.

I'm a GM fan myself, (Saab junkie here!) but come on. The A4 looks much nicer than the Astra.

Now, if you had a Astra Turbo coupe or cabriolet of the same vintage, appearance wise, I would have probably chosen the coupe or cabriolet. As it stands, the A4 looks much more elegant and nicer than the Astra.


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I don't think i've seen ANY Vauxhall which looks better than an Audi, and I sure as hell have not had an epiphany this morning!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :rolleyes:


This Vauxhall looks better than this Audi to me...


Each to their own though.... ;)

But in this case, I'd take the Audi too (even though I dont really like Audis). The Astra is just the kind of car a youngun likes to tart up and show up to the young lasses in a McDonalds car park. Fair play to the lad, but not for me, thanks. :)
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