which non hd lcd?


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May 14, 2006
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apologies if this thread had been done like a 1000 times already, but i am after a non hd lcd for my bedroom to watch sky etc on, i'm looking to spend no more than 300 and want to get the biggest screen size possible.

does anyone have any suggestions?

any help, advice or links would be greatly aprreciated :thumbsup:

Why would you want a non HD ready LCD? Cheaper?
because i am not going to watch anything high definition! why else lol?
What never? I have a Portable TV still going from 1990. Aside from that HDMI is still a convenient way to connect compared with SCART. Might be worth looking anyway. I'm not sure how a big a difference it makes but you might find TVs going HD because it's easier to stick the same chips in or maybe they feel having convinced the public that HD is a good thing that the public might not touch it if it doesn't have HD stuck on the front. Even on a 14" monitor I'd still prefer a high res screen so I wonder what HD would actually look like on a small screen.
asda have 26" baier tv for £348 it is hd (HDMI, component and VGA) but its sucks for HD lol i returned mine! that probably as good as you will get.
Aside from that HDMI is still a convenient way to connect compared with SCART.

It is possible to have HDMI on a non HD TV.

If someone has plenty of SD DVD's like me. I want them to look the best they can which usually requires a non HD TV. Sky looks crap on a HDTV for the same reason.

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