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Looking for 2 players for the kids rooms. They both currently have TVIX HD M-5100SH and although they both work flawlessly they are a little dated. Seeing more modern players with dvd cover pictures etc makes me think it is time for an upgrade. So looking for something that.......

1) Can stream from a Synology Nas.
2) Wireless N Capable.
3) Easy menu navigation.
4) Thumbnails of movies
5) HDD is optional.

I am happy to install any custom firmwares etc as long as it is easy to use once installed.


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It's not cheap but Boxee Box would cover 1-4 definitely, easy to use for kids and automated DVD cover artwork generation. No internal HDD only usb HDD's.

If you want something cheaper take a look at Mede8er/AC Ryan POHD these can take a HDD internally but DVD cover artwork needs to be manually generated. Also newer Tvix players use the same chipset as those two and so most of the same features, they can do cover art too. Forgot to add the Mede8er/POHD/Tvix players use a USB wireless N dongle purchased separately.
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You'd need the AC Ryan PlayOn2 HD rather than a mini2 if you need a hdd, though if you are streaming from a nas why do you need a local hd?


Thanks for the replies I will have a look at those players mentioned.

To be honest I am not sure if I need a HDD or not as I am fairly new to nas streaming. Will the nas (ds211) stream to 2 or more sources at the same time while watching different movies? The kids use an internal HDD at the moment and it is fairly simple to use. I am thinking it will not be as straight forward streaming via the network.


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I've used them briefly to see what they were about so not a huge experience of them. Some people complain the interface can be a tad slow but it seemed OK when I was browsing my collection.

The interface is the same across all the ACRyan boxes whether you go for the mini2 or the HD2

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