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Which NAS to get?


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Hi all

I need your advice! I'm looking to buy a NAS to allow me to:

1. Store media and other documents
2. Stream audio, video to TV
3. Access files from my iPhone, workstation at work etc.

I'm flexible on budget.

Thinking of either a 2 or 4 bay solution - although I think 2TB should be sufficient for my needs at the moment...

I've been looking at the Synology, Drobo, QNAP, and ReadyNAS...but I seriously am nowhere closer to making a decision.

So I'd really appreciate some help! :lease:


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I've recently bought a qnap 219+. It's taken a while to setup to be honest, and definitely does more than I need it to, but I'm very happy with. I'm using it to steam to ps3, android phone and iPad, all of which it does very easily.

It was quite expensive I thought, but I've future proofed myself I suppose! Mind you with the price of hard drives rising every day, I would say, make a decision sooner rather than later!. Mine was £370 with 2 x1 tb drives included from amazon.

Good luck in your decision, there are plenty to choose from, though concentrate on the qnap and synology range if your after a serious bit of kit.



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Another QNAP fan here having had single bays all the way upto 6 bay but currently using a 2bay TS219ProII.

The TS-212 would be fine for many rather than a 219 class. Don't expect them to transcode HD video formats if your player doesn't support a format natively. Even the Atom based dual core 659 I had couldn't handle it with high bitrate 1080p.

Not too difficult to get working with a bit of advice from here and the QNAP forums.

A HP Microserver will work out cheaper with WHS2011 or a free version of linux and the 1.5GHz dual core AMD chip is more powerful than even the high-end Atom QNAP's with potential for 6 drives.

A QNAP or HP Microserver would fit your needs. From 24/7 power usage the QNAP has the edge but the Microserver is also energy efficient.
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Running two Microservers here and can't recommend them enough. My best buy this year.

I want one..............ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH, but the misses aint keen............

Do you think the cash back offer may be extended..............?

Hard drives are an arm and a leg too..................I suppose that's a reason not to buy now.............:D


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It's been extended every month since February/March so it's a fairly safe bet but not guaranteed. I think you need to just buy it.

Again, ARGHHH....................


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Another QNAP fan here. Have had my TS-410 for almost 2 years now and love it. Most of my friends have bought one as well :thumbsup:

Might be worth waiting a little bit if you can until hard drive prices drop back to sensible levels, especially if you're looking at reasonably large drives.


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Hmmm. Am thinking about a NAS but would like it to be very energy-efficient and to have wake-on-lan for maximum power saving. Thought about QNAP and Synology but like most people, am a bit daunted by the sheer number of different models.

Then I saw the HP microserver, which seems like a bargain, and I have several old (but working) hard disks which I could use for NAS. Just have qualms about the effort needed to set it up and then its real-world power consumption, as compared to something like a one-or-two-bay entry-level QNAP or Synology box.

I really only need storage, print server, maybe dlna (but Serviio on my HTPC can do this), so the microserver is probably overkill.


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NAS was one of the best things I bought, but make sure you get some server grade HDD's, as I recently had one of the two drives in mine fail after roughly 20 months use. Fortunately I didn't lose anything much from it, as I have a separate 2TB USB drive I back up to, and fortunately I didn't have to spend an awful lot to replace the 1TB drive that failed, but still, it's a super hassle and super PITA

Problem is, no is not the time to be buying HDD's. A month or two ago a 2TB regular HDD would cost about £50 or £60 and now they are £300!


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Hey guys - thanks for your suggestions...I only got one notification that someone had replied to my post and then didn't check after that!

So...I've actually just placed my order for a Synology DS212 2TB with eBuyer for £430. Which I thought was reasonable considering the current climate...and I couldn't wait for the HDD prices to drop

By the sounds of things I should have perhaps gone for the QNAP! Delivery should arrive in 5 days time, so will post an update when I've set it up

Thanks again for your posts :thumbsup:


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You will be more than happy with the Synology - I have the DS211+ and it is amazing


You will be fine with a synology I have just upgraded my 2 bay DS211J to a 411J , and couldn't be happier


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i've recently bought a Synology DS411 and i'm quiet happy :thumbsup: and i've the luck to find 2 external hardrives with two WD20EARS 2TB for £64 (total) :clap::clap:

i love black fridays
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Wow really do they export ? Guess you talking about US?


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I've got a synology ds410 which I bought last year with 4 x 2tb drivers. It's a magic bit of kit. The latest o/s revisions are really good, and it's been a 100% reliable piece of equipment. I think it's been replaced by the ds411, but the j series boxes are ok for most people I think.

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