Which mp3 players play wma lossless?


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Hi ya :hiya:

I am just wondering which mp3 players can play wma lossless as im interested in buying a new mp3 player, the main reason is that mine (Creative Zen Xtra 60gb) doesn't support wma lossless yet (or ever?). I will consider any brand or size but just dont suggest that i convert to Ipods!



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Just jump abpard the iPod bandwagon, everyone else has :devil:

Nah, I think the iAudio X5 / M5 series offers lossless WMA playback.

Check their site for more details. I know it does FLAC and WMA so I presume they support lossless WMA too. I could be wrong though.

I have X5L and it's an awesome player. Really glad I upgraded from my old iPod. Best thing for me is the ability to record straight from vinyl at 320kbps... and of course the 35hr battery.


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Like you, I may well have ended up a creative or iriver dude.
If only they had supported wma lossless.

In the end I went for the either loved or hated ipod! Cause it played back a lossless format (apple lossless) and the User interface click wheel is just so much easier to navigate with (even my mum can use it!). The creative zen portable media centre does support wma lossless but It is expensive and not as compact as a DAP. If you have the disk space you could just use wave files which creative players support. Cowon also have players supporting flac which is another lossless format available.

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