Which mp3 players have lineout?



I know the Sony range has lineouts, but is there any DAP which have this feature?

cheers guys


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iPod has a line-out from the dock connector.

I've heard rumours it also has a digital out. :eek:


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PJTX100 said:
I've heard rumours it also has a digital out. :eek:
It's a shame those rumours are wrong. The pin outs for the dock make that pretty clear. I'm sure if there was a digital output possible, there'd be a dock for it by now.

I'd guess it's possible - they could use the serial I/O to switch, say, the firewire or USB connections to S/PDIF instead but right now it's a no-go. Bit of a bummer, I'd really like a digital output, but there you go.


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The speculation started as all the new dock-connected Apple audio accessories route their audio through a codec on the accessory itself. No conclusive evidence the 5G iPod can output digital audio of course, but having a codec in there just to re-sample incoming analog audio to do volume control on would be rather ludicrous.

The Universal dock for example taps the regular line out of pre-5G iPods, but the 5G audio goes through the codec on the dock. It also stands to reason that if the dock codec was capable of resampling an incoming analog signal and outputting it at different volumes, ther's no reason for that facility to be offered with just 5G iPod. But ultimately, who knows. Apple have never been a company to show any of their cards.

Technically speaking, virtually all of today's mainstream players offer a line out. The iPod offers it, the Creative Zen Vision M does, the iRiver H10 does with the cradle (or by setting the headphone at full volume and turning off all effects), and the iAudio's do as well.


The X5 range from iAudio have line-out.

Best mp3 player I've ever had... and I've had a good few of them.

Liked my iPod but after owning the X5L I would never go back.

Here's just a few of it's features:

Line-in (can record direct from source up to 320kbps... great if you have loads of vinyl like me)
Movie player
Photo viewer
OGG / FLAC support
FM Radio
35hr battery
Superb build quality

etc etc...


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Fine if you like a wealth of 'not really that well done) features - except that the X5's Line Out is the only one out there at the moment which shows a pronounced fall-off away from a flat response. For all it offers, it's sound quality and how it's delivered out of the player is where the problem really lies in the X5.


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Hi does anyone have any suggestions for a good mp3 player with a line out.

I mean one with a 2nd 3.5mm jack socket which does not have the signal modified in any way.

The ones mentioned so far are Sony and iRiver. Do they currently make any players up to 5gb with a line out ? Thanks.


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new sony players dont have lineouts. my old d2 was a very good sorce, even if it didnt have a dedicated line out:

my istation-I2 will output dolby digital from its spdif port LOL


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Could someone name the older Sony mps players that had a line out ? Up to 5gb preferably or above if necessary.

I could always try and pick one up 2nd hand. Thanks.

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