Which MP3 Player to replace Archos AV480


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I currently have a Archos AV480 MP3 Player and I think it is just superb. However I intend to take up jogging soon and I need to get a new MP3 player as the Archos is just too big for this.

Ideally I would like a MP3 player that I can use on a day to day basis and use for jogging, but it has to have at least 30GB if possible.
I have looked at the Creative Zen M vision, Ipod, Ipod Nano so far.

All my music is currently in WMA format and I have approx 36gb on my computer.

The other possibility is to get a player for day to day and a little one for jogging, but it has to have a screen. But I dont want to spend too much if possible. I have to confess that I do like the look of Creative Zen M Vision, but not sure what it is like as a player and also not sure if I can use it while jogging, maybe too bulky.

Any Ideas


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If you don't want something that big. Also do you want to use it as a PMP?, or just a mp3 player

Toshiba Gigabeat 20gb - £200 from Advanced Mp3 Players.




Don't know if you're still after a reply for this, but I had pretty much exactly the same issue. I have an Archos AV500 which was proving pretty cumbersome when cycling to work.

I looked at all sorts of alternatives, but in the end was struggling to justify the cost, so ended up buying a Camelbak instead. It's basically a little rucksack with a built-in water carrier and room to store valuables (and of course the Archos). If you're running any real distance, it gives you water on demand, and carries your music, keys and wallet for you. You can get one such as http://www.bikesyoulike.co.uk/produ...&cbobrands=0&cbocategories=4&cbomodeltypes=56 for around £30-40 on the web, but do make sure there is enough storage space, as the cheapest ones are pretty much just for the water reservoir with no extra storage space.

Of course, if you're just on the hunt for an extra gadget, good luck! My wife just got a Creative Zen Nano Plus which she seems extremely pleased with.

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