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Which movie rental service is best/most popular?


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We currently have a Lovefilm subscription, which seems to have been converted to Amazon Video. It’s £7.99 for 2 discs at home at once. I do like having blu-rays at home as you get the full HD video and HD audio with them and I feel like it’s a better quality than streaming. But maybe I should sign up for a streaming service.

What does everyone else use? What’s the best value? I have Sky, but Sky Movies is way too expensive. There is Amazon Prime at £79 a year, or Netflix, but when I’ve used someone’s account before I couldn’t find half the films I wanted!

I will be using either my Sky box, PS3, blu-ray player or Apple TV to play the content.

Any tips?




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Dan, if you were a member of Lovefilm before the conversion to Amazon you should read this thread:
LOVEFiLM Instant merges with Amazon Prime | Page 23 | AVForums

as you can probably save on your rental without streaming costs... but I thought you got free "Lovefilm Instant" (as was) with (unlimited) Lovefilm disc-rental subscriptions?? Maybe you joined just after it changed?

Personally I've cancelled the streaming element (just get the BDs) as I don't like the lower quality, and it's not helped by the crappy broadband I have.


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Netflix streams in respectable quality if you've got the bandwidth IMO. I mainly use it for TV shows, and films I'm not too fussed about being in sub-BD quality. Quite frankly, posting off discs each week is too much effort, and I can't afford the space or cost for a personal collection of potentially mediocre films on Bluray, so Netflix fills the gap nicely. I now only tend to buy BD titles that I really want on my shelf, or are in 3D.

While I haven't yet had need to do it, you can sign up for a US-based proxy for an extra few quid and get access to Netflix's US library with your UK account, which is far more extensive than the meagre UK offering.


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IMO best and most popular tend to be mutually exclusive. The general public, who don't care so much about quality, are happy to stream whatever tv programme is currently popular.

I have used Netflix and find it slightly better than dvd (in standard 1080 mode) but there's really nothing I'm interested in seeing.

I use Lovefilm for 4 discs per month to get fairly recent Blu-rays but if I can't wait for the latest releases I end up buying them.


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I am with lovefilm by post unlimited discs per month one at a time for £4.00 per month i am not interested in streaming i have read about another rental service i think it is called cinema paradiso but i have never used the service

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