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which motor looks good

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please help show my annoying uncle that my astra is the dogs compared to his ahem a4 lol
all he does is rib me about how flash his is and if the two are alongside eachother mine would makes his look good lol

so please help shut him up

so ill start a poll please vote mine or his

here is my uncle's in all its glory

and heres mine

eric pisch

Distinguished Member
Quality, Style, Sophistication, Engineering v VAUXHALL and one approaching a max power wannabe as well.

So yes id take the A4 everytime, I wouldnt own a vauxhall for anything they are the worst brand on the road ever for "street cred" some word association for you chav, hoodie, burbury, vauxhall.

I actually owned that model of A4 many moons ago, silver S4 avant with MTM engine mods, brakes, exhaust and suspension, 640nm of torque, badged A4 1.8 :) had a confirmed 188mph out of it in Germany.

Walking is a better option than to be seen in a Vauxhall, barefoot on broken glass....
wreksta, don't mind Eric, you get used to him after a while :D

No offence mate but that Astra really looks like it's ram raided Halfords...

A4 everytime here i'm afraid...



Active Member
Yep a4

Like the way you took the a4 pic on some dodgy camera phone ( chav tastic!) & seemed to take yours with a better quality camera.


Distinguished Member
A4 also, only way i'd pick an astra if it was a 2.0T coupe of the newer VXR.

And thats from a vauxhall fan, had 3 nova's, the best which was a 1.5 TDI.

Dr Evilest

Active Member
So far 21 votes for the A4, zilch for the astra.

Your uncle may be annoying but I'm afraid he's right.:D

Deleted member 27989

That's not even a competition is it....Have you actually driven your Astra yet :devil:


Walking is a better option than to be seen in a Vauxhall, barefoot on broken glass....

:rotfl: Made me laugh, I've been looking to buy an Astra.


Well-known Member
And I thought I was having a bad day.Sorry wreksta,it's A4 all the way.


Well-known Member
Can I have a neither option please?

Bland-tastic Passat derivative or, well...words fail me :rotfl:


Active Member
Pwned by his own poll !!


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Wreksta, love, cherish and enjoy your Astra. Take pride in it. Smile everytime you sit in it. :thumbsup:

(I voted A4 though - sorry, but you did ask! :devil:)


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Hmm, nice A4 versus Barried Astra.

Tricky one, that............;)


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I can understand that a 17-19 year old thinks that the Astra is the dogs but the Audi really is so much better, in every way. Put the Astra up against some crappy modded Paxo and you might get a bit more promising a result! :smashin:


Wreksta i take it you voted for your own car then ?:D

Edit.. no it's a public vote , and wardie decided not to make a comment :D


Distinguished Member
If it was blue oval v Audi, I could maybe vote against the german but not a Vauxhall. Sorry. I had heard they were better these days but after driving a [email protected] corsa hire car the last few days (my ford is off the road :D) I can't see where. I'm considering an Audi as my next car though. Regardless, take care and pride in your new wheels, stay safe and enjoy many years of driving.

Top tip though, ditch the griffin and get a Ford!

Layne RIP

Active Member
You didn't need Mystic Meg to predict how this poll was going to go ....lol
German engineering and style vs Chav'ed up astra ;)

Voted A4 like 99% of everyone else on this poll!

That age astra was plain and boring to drive - handled like a double decker with flat tyres (had one the same colour for 2 years - rubbish car in every sense of the word...)
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