Which monitor? The 24inch question!


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Having just suffered a PC meltdown I have decided to purchase a new PC from Komplett. Now Im looking for a multi-purpose monitor and when I began looking into this on the net I didn't think it would take me this long to mak a decision so Ive decided I need some assistance on the matter!

My old monitor was a 19inch CRT Sampo Alphascan 812 - a huuuge beast but with a nice screen and I have decided to make the leap to LCD even though Ive had my reservations.

So what do I need it for?
Well primarily as a monitor. I do not play many PC games at all and my new PC will have an XFX Gefore 8500GT graphics card. Also I am not a graphics designer, etc
Secondly, I tend to watch DVDs and films on this as well as downloadable TV (we don't have a TV at the moment!) so I need a monitor that can handle this.
Thirdly, I have an Xbox360 which I haven't touched for months (due to no tv) and I would like a decent monitor for enjoying this at its fullest.


Well, all my research has led me to either the Benq FP241WZ or the Dell 2407WFP-HC. I keep swaying towards the Benq but I see so many people going for the Dell. Given the above uses what would people here recommend especially with regard to my speicifed uses?

Also the right set up to get the most out of its intended uses? I was thinking DVI into PC and VGA for Xbox360. I don't have a sound card (I only have a 3.1 logitech speakers) so I'll probably need to plug these speakers into the monitor.

Any help is greatly appreciated - Ive read soooo many reviews but some owners experiences would be really helpful!


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Reading a lot of threads around the interweb I would go for the Dell. Both are not perfect, but the Dell seems to be slightly better scaling wise with various inputs than the BenQ. Other than that Dell is now HC being the main difference and it depends on whether you like the looks of one or the other

I will throw in another thought... you could get 2x22" :D Dual monitors is awesome after I got my monitor last week and hooked it up to my laptop and I will never go back to single. Or just go for the one awesome 24" and get another in the future :D


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To be quite honest, both monitors you have mentioned are very good and in terms of what you are planning on using it for I can't see you going wrong with either.


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Cheers guys! I bought the Dell and its fantastic. Just need to find the headphone socket now! lol

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