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Hi, I have been setting up my TV's picture using the fantastic AVF Picture Perfect guide and wondered if something similar could be done for computer monitors?

The reason I'm asking is because I want to achieve a good all-round picture for the different ways I use my computer without having to adjust the various settings depending on what I'm doing. So for example, I play a lot of games on my PC but I also edit photos and videos. Obviously I also go on the internet a lot which is a mixture of looking at text and images and watching videos on YT etc.

I have a Iiyama ProLite E2409HDS 24" 1920 x 1080 LCD monitor and currently it's set to the sRGB colour temp which stops me from adjusting the brightness, contrast, gamma and Eco modes. I set my monitor to use sRGB because I was advised this was best for photo editing but now I'm wondering if it's the best way to view my monitor as photo editing is only a small percentage of what I use the PC for, I mainly use it for gaming and browsing the web.

My monitor also has various picture mode options available (standard, text, internet, game, movie and sport) and an ACR (Advanced Contrast Ratio) mode which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the image and the contrast ratio during movie playing.

I'm really confused as to what settings to choose and would love some advice please.

Thanks for reading this long post and for any help.

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