Which Mobile Phone would you choose and why? :)


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Im thinking of getting one of these phone but am not sure which? Which Mobile Phone Would you choose out of these and why?:

Samsung Galaxy S3
Iphone 4S
Sony Xperia S
Samsung Galaxy Note

Or should I wait for the Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Many Thanks
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I would wait a month and see what the Iphone 5 has to offer. It normally sets a lot of benchmarks for spec, software and price (the Apple tax). I left the Apple stable a few months ago and now have samsung S3 - its a great device and I have no regrets about moving from my Iphone 3GS. When Iphone 5 comes out it will likely be £40 month plus £100 for the handset on a two year deal. you may also see some pricing pressure on the rivals as they try to keep the share they have gained in the last few months.


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I bought a first gen iPhone from the states as soon as it went on sale. Then the iPhone 3G, then the 3Gs, then the 4 and currently have 2 iPhone 4s. I am sure that I am going to end up buying iPhone 5.

My reasoning is that once I bought an iPhone it sort of encouraged me to look towards apple when we needed a new home pc. So we bought an iMac. Then when I wanted a laptop we ended up with a Macbook.

By having a mac's in the house and iPhones we stated to use iCal and then got @me email addresses and before long we were caught inside the Apple net.

I tried out some blackberry handsets over the years and a few months back bought an galaxy s3. However they all got sold on and now I am sort of convinced that I am going to be stuck with Apple for a long time.

Everyone is different but for me it all just works. I like not having to download photos of my phone, they are already on my macbook via photo stream. I like that our house and my personal calendar's can be accessed from my phone. I like that I can share apps with my other half without having to buy twice. I like that notes and reminders show up on the macbook and the phones. It all just works for me.

I know that Android handsets tend to be cheaper and that they do all of this and maybe more. However in my view its just not as polished. Its a bit clunky!



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All four of the devices you've listed are due to be superseded in the not too distant future, so I would wait. When the new models come out you may prefer them, or you may get the current ones cheaper. Either way, it's a bad time to buy, IMO, especially since we're only talking another month or so tops.


This minute the S3. Wait a bit and there is new phones on the way. Are you not considering the Windows 8 phones either?


I'm interested in this too.

When I got my current phone, the HTC Desire HD on Android, I found Android great, but a bit clunky. Everyone with an iPhone raved about how they "just work" so when my wife needed a new phone, I recommended the iPhone 4s.

It does "just work" but it's incredibly limited. From the very basic - the keyboard is terrible: swiftkey for Android is miles ahead - to the more advanced - I find the range of apps for Android incredible. iPhones are better for games, and looks slicker, but I think you can do more on Android.

I'm not underselling the "just works" ethos though. It's a real appeal.

The HTC has some faults - I drop calls every now and then, and it has been fiddly to tweak.

The choice for me is between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. I think I'm gonna wait like Capolaholic and RobM recommend.

Can anyone advise re the new models due out and worth looking out for?

Thanks for any help.

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