Which Minimum Watts Monitor Audio speakers for Atmos with Denon 4400?


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Also looking at the Atmos diagrams it looks like if you use 2 its above seating but 4 its 2 behind and 2 in front of seating, that correct. Not so far in front of seating that it's down the other end of the room but like a metre in front? See my couch here in pic attached.

I was thinking back row of atmos speakers go on same line as the lights in ceiling behind the couch, and front row of atmos speakers go in the next row of lights in front, would that be a big enough gap between front and rear atmos speakers?

Would the C165 do at 65 watts max or do I need a higher Ws if paired with a Denon 4400?



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Not sure if too expensive, but KEF T101 comes to mind if it needs to be flat and white!

Check pictures here:


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ok change of plan in ceiling now as got someone to install them. My amp is a Denon 2400. Budget around £100 but can maybe stretch a little.
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