Which MFD is good value for money


ron cardy

I want to buy a Multi Functional Device - printer/scanner/copier. There is clearly a lot of options to choose from but I'm unsure which will be best for me.
I want to print photgraphs with good color.
I want to scan photographs
I want to print B/W and color text/image documents. (word, powerpoint, excel, etc.
I want reasonable speed but its not the most important factor.

I guess the sub £100 models might not be good enough (I can be convinced) and I don't want to pay more than about £250.

Its for domestic use only.

Can anyone offer an option?




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I disagree with the above post. I've had a couple of HP 'All-in-ones' over the years, and they are great. My current HP PSC 2175 does everything I could ask of it. The best bit is you can use it as a stand-alone copier when your PC is switched off.

HP are starting to do them with built-in wireless now which is great for home WiFi networks.

ron cardy

Many thanks for your comments - I will look at both suggestions.



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