Which media servers have hardware compatible with Cinavia?


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I have a few discs which I have tried to back up to my media server and stream via my ps3 and have found them not to work due to Cinavia. This and a few other issues I have had with my server connecting to my PS3 have me looking at other media streamers via dnla.

My server sits on a different floor to my av equipment and the equipment works though a wired network. Bit-Torrenting etc is not something I need however something that can decode HD audio/ pass through pcm audio via hdmi would be useful so I can feed the converted format through my switch to the analogues on my ARCAM AVR300. I realize there do not appear to be many streamers on the marked that have audiophile dacs etc, although I would love the see one without spending lots of cash.

If I am thinking of an alternative to my PS3 (which has been quite good via ps3mediaserver). My question therefore which of the dnla streamers have hardware that do or can potentially support cinavia, I understant the pch do not and this so far would be my first choice but how about the others on the market.


Cinavia is not currently implemented on the HDI Dune media players, but if that will always be the case nobody seems to know.
If you want a media player that can decode the HD audio formats then AFAIK the HDI Dune players are your only option. The likes of the Prime, Base, Max & Duo also have full 7.1 analogue outputs to feed into a legacy processor/receiver without HDMI.



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Cinavia is designed specifically to stop network media streaming of video content so your not going to find compatible equipment.

Rather you will find Cinavia infected media players that will give the same result as the PS3, Sigma Designs chipsets SDK has been updated to support Cinavia so you will see it pop up in some players, Netgear NeoTV550 is/was going to get the update, I haven't kept tabs on whether it did and Netgear said they'd issue a warning about any firmware update with Cinavia.

The Blu-ray consortium is making Cinavia mandatory for any future Blu-ray capable player that can access Live content over the net, not sure if Blu-ray players that don't implement Live get a pass but I can't imagine that will stay like that for long.

As long as the media player does not support Cinavia your fine, the DRM wont kick in. Go with what MarkE19 suggested or if you don't mind not having menus get an AC Ryan POHD Mini 2 and it will play your Blu-ray's and pass-through HD audio. Realtek chipsets don't support Cinavia and wont get it via a firmware update.
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Thanks Guys,

It looks like the Dune may be it, I had thought of the PCH.

While I am on the subject, I currently use my PC to act as my media server, I had thought of building a simple NAS in addition - anyone any current recommendations?


The PCH models currently do not implement Cinavia so there are no issues from playing Cinavia 'infested' discs. Whether it will stay that way is anyone's guess though.


I had thought of building a simple NAS in addition - anyone any current recommendations?
Well I built myself a NAS running unRAID for all my media and would recommend you look to see if that offers all you require. Also worth having a look in the Networking & NAS section of the forum for more info.


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