Question Which main speakers from these to suit room size?


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Hi all,

I've recently decided to get myself another home cinema setup after a fair while put of the game so I'll run a quick insight before my main question.

I did some bargain hunting just before Christmas and managed to get myself setup in the interim very cheaply indeed.

I tracked down the following for little over £200 in total on Christmas Eve and just had to buy at that, even though they are dated now.

Arcam AVR-300 amplifier
KEF 2005.2 Speaker setup (5 eggs) with PSW2010 sub.

Since then I have spent far more on cabling alone comprising of various QED Performance interconnects and Qudos speaker cabling to get started.

I also added an Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth receiver to the setup.

This I feel is a good start for me to build from...

I'm now looking at which speakers to run as a main pair. I listen to a lot of music so want a set that can be good in both AV and stereo use.

Now the room I'm in is roughly 18ft by 11ft and I have about 8ft between speaker location and listening position currently but this may change going forward.

I was wanting to stick with a Kef setup speaker wise but may consider something else, and looking at older speakers. Budget of around 150-200 for now.

The two I have been looking at are as follows...

Kef iQ5SE floorstanding
B&W DM602 S3 stand mounted.

While I've read great reviews on both, I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to compare the two or could advise which would be better suited out of the two?

Thank you for reading and look forward to any replies.


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Really you want the front 3 speakers to be the same make and model hence I would look to replace your centre speaker at the same time as the fronts.
I listened to the IQs you are looking at a while back and I was not that impressed with them to be honest. However, others seem to love them so a lot does come down to your personal sound preference,


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Yeah the centre speaker will follow. The eggs setup was a bargain so grabbed it as an interim setup to build off of.

My friend has kef q5 mains and I do like them but I did some read up and also saw a lot of people saying the iq5se were very good. I would no doubt match with a q6c centre or similar.

I always wanted a set of the DM602 S3 years ago but never got round to buying a set so they are back on my radar but would prefer to buy the better of the two and adapt from there.


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I have the AVR 300 too - one of the biggest second hand steals - I saw it as a great stereo amp and DAC with added bonus of decoding surround formats. Currently have it paired with Monitor Audio BX2 in a bi-amp configuration. The sound is very easy to the ears - can listen for hours without fatigue. I just wish I bought something larger as I have to rely on the sub to fill the lower notes and possibly something higher up the Monitor Audio range. I'm going to be looking for some RX8s soon. Have you considered monitor audio at all - you can get some real bargains on the RS range eg RS5.
I can't comment on the Kef range but I do know that the B&W speakers you mentioned pair up quite nicely with the Arcam sound.



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My AVR300 decided to go tits up today... switches on then switches itself off as it clicks to enable sound... Speakers now on hold until i resolve this :(

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