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Which MacBook?


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I am wanting to venture into the apple world, but want to also install Windows 7 as well to be able to play Train Sim (for my son ;)). I understand this can be done, but what spec CPU would I need and what graphics card would I need. I am thinking I need a MacBook Pro but could be wrong?



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If you want to know the performance characteristics for a specific program it's best to ask people with knowledge of that program. A vehicle simulator in general could range from 'anything can run it' to 'high end graphics card required'.

Apple's PCs aren't really geared up for demanding 3d stuff stuff though (most of the photo/video creation programs are more suited to the CPU than the 3d graphics processor) so if it does need some poke you'll be spending an awful lot of money as only the expensive model even approach mid-range performance in that area - you'd be looking at the Iris Pro 5200 or the Geforce 750M.


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About the system requirements of a Windows program? The PC gaming forum is probably the best place on Avforums to ask, but you'd be better finding a Train Sim specific forum.
ah but the thread title is "Which Macbook?" just maybe someone in the apple forums is already doing on their Mac what cs3007 would like to do and could point them in the right direction.



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So can anyone please give me an idea of what spec I should be aiming and a rough price? I had a max budget of £500 in mind.

Well there are no new macs for that price you would be looking at least a 5 year old MacBook Pro with that money. 500 will buy you a semi alright windows laptop but probably without a dedicated graphics card

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