Which MAC MINI and display?


I'm thinking of selling my MacBook Pro 2012 (see other thread in this forum) and downsizing to a Mac mini

All I use my MacBook for is work ( email access, browsing Internet and iTunes management). All storage/time machine stuff is on x2 WD 3TB external HDDs with FireWire 800 connectivity daisy-chained etc...

What Mac mini specification would be best suited to me (bearing in mind I want to keep costs low) and what display would be good to go for.

I'm looking at 2nd hand only for both.

Already have a wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse so obviously I'll need Bluetooth connectivity as well



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You asked for help, on two questions were are related. I am not affiliated with that company, but know that they buy & sell Apple Mac computers, which is the reason I suggested them. Only trying to be helpful :)


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Also if you wish to buy a second hand Mac Mini, I'm sure the Apple Refurb Store has plenty to choose from.


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I picked up the base model i5 version the other day from Apple and the LG IPS224 screen and really liking both so far.

Although reviews for the screen are favorable in terms of out of the box usage I personally had to adjust the image settings which not only could be done somewhat through the screens onboard options but discovered that the Mac Mini has it's own customizable calibration settings too which was a nice find and did wonders.

And although I've had a few people comment that I should have gone for a bigger screen size, not only is the 21.5" okay but I may in fact buy a second screen to add to it.


Not interested in Apple refurb ones sorry; trying to keep costs low so really looking at the 2009/2010 models

Duel core is sufficient and probably c300GB memory is fine with 2GB RAM

Really all I do on my computer is work from it, browse the web and manage my iTunes account

I've got x2 3TB external HDDs with FireWire 800 daisy chained so they are my storage for iTunes, my Time Machine and my work stuff (all MS Word, Excel files and some PDFs etc..)

Ideally I'd like to get a Mac mini and monitor for c£400 :)

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