Which LNB?


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I have an LNB on the dish with two connectors and also another (spare) with four connectors marked Sky MK4L. I had Sky Q, later cancelled it, and now getting it back for self-installation but I can't remember which is the correct LNB. My memory has failed me, (aged 79). I tried using the GZ950 connection for satellite tv but the selection of channels was poor and didn't stay with it. I seem to remember that I was advised to use a wideband LNB which I think is the one that is in place. I think the MK4 was for Sky+. I will be self-installing a new Sky Q UHD HDR box on Wednesday. Any advice is appreciated. :thumbsup:


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A quick google seems to show that the MK4 is suitable for Sky+ / freesat, so it will be the 2 port one for sky Q


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Thank you. I think it is fairly obvious to be that one but I wanted to be sure before I got out my ladder! I guess I was overthinking it! :thumbsup:


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2-port is $ky Q, which is wideband and why the Panny couldn't work it properly and gave only a few channels.

Had you swapped LNB to the older Mk4 the Panny would have worked fine and may even have worked OK as a recorder (having two satellite tuner inputs, it appears). The 950 is not Freesat (so no 7-day EPG). Thus it'd be hard work using it and keeping tuning up to date as it's just a FTA sat TV set.


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Thanks for that, much appreciated and me a little wiser now!

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