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I use a 350D and have the kit lens, canon 28-135 IS and sigma 50-500mm APO but I am keen to get awide angle lens for landscapes. Have been looking at the sigma 10-22mm, what are peoples thoughts? looks like good results for the money compared to canon's 10-22mm.

Any thoughts on a wide angle welcome.



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10-22m is a great lens IMHO and I love what you can do with it. I know many folk on here also rave about the Sigma, but I haven't used one.

Reviews I have read rate the Canon higher, but I guess the Sigma does virtually the same for less money. So you pays your money and takes your choice.

Canon review :-


Sigma review :-


Don't be fooled by some of the more expensive EF-S lenses as not being value for money though. They are generally not cheap lenses and some of them including this one are regularly deemed by testers to be as good as if not better than some 'L' lenses.

If you can afford and justify the Canon to yourself then get it. If you can't get the Sigma and enjoy.

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The sigma is only 10-20 and half a stop slower than the Canon, but is much better value for money.

Here's some pics from the Sigma:


10mm - 1/30th sec - f4 - ISO 100


Canon 350D with Sigma 10-20mm: ISO 100 - 11mm - f22 - 1 sec


Canon 350D with Sigma 10-20mm: ISO 100 - 20mm - f22 - 1.3 secs




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Thanks for the replies guys (the 22mm was a typing error jazz:)). Are there any other options I havent considered? whats the best price you have seen the lens for?



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Sorry for the off-topic but how do you create that boarder for the landscape shots?

I'd like to try it with some photos that I have...:thumbsup:


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Check out Jazz Monkey Jr's album, link in his sig. post #28 ;)

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