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great site. I have been thinking about getting a 'life-style' lcd tv for a while and would like opinions on which widescreen to get. I think I have two choices:

1. panasonics- pros- great looking, has had good reviews
cons- not good with analogue, small no. of pixels (not good for hdtv)

2. Samsung - pros - looks great, greater no of pixels (good for hdtv and viewing in general)
cons- haven't seen any good reviews

I have decided that the best way to view TV with these is to go digital and get a terrestrial STB. Is my decision correct and if so which is the best STB to LCD TV marriage- ie which has the best connector match?

One final thing I'm also minded to get a Pansonic DVD recorder- the DMRE30EBS- sounds just the ticket. How will this fit with the STB and LCD TV?

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Why an LCD?

Would a plasma not provide a bigger picture & perhaps more value?

All digital display devices use standard VGA computer monitor connectors (15pin D-sub), & some now use the higher quality DVI inputs.

Next best in descending order are component, RGB (eg. scart), S-video & lastly composite.

I'm not aware of ant STB outputting VGA/DVI (or component for that matter). Progressive scan is also a worthwhile investment, particularly with digital devices.

The best picture quality would be available from VGA equiped devices (PCs & some DVD players).

TBH, a TV signal/derived picture will never look as good as a DVD player - digital or not. The "digital" referred to is actually used for transmission, not direct digital connection to display devices.

We're not as lucky as our US/Japanese counterparts, who have access to HDTV broadcasts.

BTW, this is really a projector forum, with LCD/DLP technologies.

Hope this helps.

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Take a look at the new models from Sharp (branded Aquos). The 22inch is the same price as the Panny (£2500), same resolution, but has a MUCH MUCH better viewing angle. The 30 incher is a high-res device but is much more costly (£5000 ish). My local John Lewis has a 22 incher on display.

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