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Jan 4, 2004
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hi guys, after much reading on this excellent forum i have decided to buy a panny300 or 500 with a free pixel check(which i have realised is very important!). i think the cheapest place is ivojo?

the question is: will i notice any difference in pic quality between the 2 models if i use the following: cambridge audio53 dvd player connect via 11m component cable (van damme) to pj, viewing from approx 11' away.?

what i am trying to say is that i have'nt any money to upgrade my dvd player etc to pal progressive or dvi ...

please please advise:clap: :rolleyes:
I have a 300 - it's supberb.

In my opnion - go for the 300 ( you can get them for a midgies over £800 now ) and the money you saved you can upgrade your DVD player.

I have not seen a 500 in action but I am still impressed enough with my 300 not to want to think about upgrading for the forseable future.


wait 6 months till the 500 is £800
Hate to be picky but from 11 inches away you're not gonna see too much... :D
I've recently acquired my first PJ, an AE300 from Komplett. I took a chance on dead pixels and <kiss-of-death>so far there are none</kiss-of-death>. If there had been dead/stuck pix on arrival, I would have made a decision on whether to send it back to them under UK retail law.

However, I'm exceptionally pleased with it. Great value for the £857 I paid. It's now available for less at Komplett and elsewhere.

As for the AE500... It would have been nice and I could just have afforded it. However, I chose to spend less on the PJ and a bit more on the rest of my HT set-up. I feel that the PJ retail market is still in its infancy and my strategy, therefore, was to buy the cheapest PJ with a minimum level of picture quality that would last me a couple of years. By then, I figure that the price point for top-notch PJs will have shifted downwards substantially. i.e. <£3000. At the moment, they are still novelty and flippin' expensive.
I have seen the ptae 500 in action today at my local Panasonic shop and can say WOWWW!!!!!! It really is better than the 300 in terms of brightness,picture clarity and no visible pixel structure. I have seen the 300 in action 2 months ago,this was also an excellent pj, but if i was going to buy now, I'd wait a few months and buy the 500 when its cheaper. The only thing it did'nt have was a SD card slot,but you cant moan at this piece of techno wizardry. The picture quality really was in the range of a more expensive model!!!Try to compare the 2 together if you can-I was just lucky to have seen both in action!!
thanks for the great advice, what dvd player do you think would it be worth upgrading to, what model and how much??
I run my pj off a Yamaha DVD550 ( i think thats the model ).

It has component out and prog scan. Overall I am very happy with the picture.

The player itself is maybe a little plasticy and cheap feeling but performance is great and it was only about £130 from Richer Sounds.

If you get a PJ ( like the Panny ) that has component in then definatly get a DVD player that can output component - the difference in picture quality between component and composite video is immense.

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