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which LCD is best




just signed up for AV Forum as its a minefield out there and the staff seem to know very little when it becomes technical.

I have about £1200 to spend on an LCD TV the max size allowing is 40". I have scoured the forum for a similar question but I guess the answer changes quite often as technology moves on. What is currently best on the market for about this price. For looks I quite like the Samsung but i need to think about reliability.

My second Question is can you get something like a cube which is PC Based that enables you do all the things the expensive addons in the shop do but which will enable me to obtain dolby 5.1 play div x movies play MP3's show jpeg pictures record films etc.

My goal is not to have a clutter of items but not to rush out and buy somthing that i find i cannot connect to properly

Thanks for any Advice you can give

Dazza k :thumbsup:


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You're hoping if you're expecting many posts mate, these kinda questions are much frowned upon you know. You're expected to read every thread on every model and not post such wide ranging questions ;)

After being in your position in the past I feel it only right to try and help you though :devil:

I'd seriously consider waiting until after xmas whatever you go for. Something like the Samsung LE40R or Sont KDL-40S might be suitable. I know people who have these sets and they're both quite good with the Sony being the better IMO (far better blacks and overall colour I thought). Of course with Sony, it means spending a bit more.......

Fingers crossed someone else will post to help you out too fella. Can't comment on the Tosh WLT66's or LG's i'm afraid.

Anyone :lease:


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You won't find a definitive which LCD is best answer on here, or anywhere else probably.

I can give you a biased opinion about the set I own but it's the only one I've spent any time with & been able to set-up the picture how I like it so I can't really say it's better than any other model.

You need to work out what your requirements are for the TV. What connections, size, HD ready, support for PC etc & try to find some sets that have the specs you need. Then search for posts about them on the forums & check out peoples opinions, are there lots of problems etc.

If you're after a cube shaped media PC then check out the Shuttle range here.


You're hoping if you're expecting many posts mate, these kinda questions are much frowned upon you know. You're expected to read every thread on every model and not post such wide ranging questions ;)

That's because pretty much every LCD out there will be regarded as 'best' by some people, so asking is only going to get, as the poster above says, a biased (or different to your own) opinion.


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hi guys

without wanting to muddy the waters here...i'd recomend the sony kdl range. yes i have said 40' sony lol...but i did a considerable amount of testing prior to purchase. as sweevo said..for an lcd they offer excellent black levels and colour, plus i find that the sony deals with sd and hd really well.



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First thing for the TV is you have to decide what is important to you, everyone has different priorities, for some its all about best pictures, for others connections and style. There is no TV that is totally dominant in all areas especially when you factor in price.

General advice is if you buy a budget brand you will get budget performance and you may have difficuly getting it repaired in a couple of years time if the need arises.

Comparative reviews in the Hi-Fi and Video Mags are a good place to start - spend the morning in WHSmiths and browse some of the Mags.

The Premium brands are where I would spend my money - Sony Panasonic Philips Toshiba Pioneer...... Sharp Samsung and LG tend to bring up the rear but their prices are lower. Samsung and LG are often criticised for poor Freeview and Sound, Samsung having the better picture of the two.

Can't really go wrong with the latest Sony sets and the 68 range from Toshiba have 3 HDMI sockets and are competitively priced.

Do your homework..!!

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