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Which LCD for my DVDR

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by jimboexrad, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. jimboexrad


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    New to this forum. I've seen some very helpful replies here, so I hope someone might help me. I've recently bought a Pioneer DVR 433H recorder. It has lots of connections - 2 scarts, component video out, Optical digital audio jack (??) Stereo analog audio and S-video, DV in (??), composite. The ??s are where I don't know what they're for. I've been looking at 26" LCD TVs (no room for bigger + I probably couldn't afford it). The Samsungs (LE26R41B, LE26R41BD & LE26R51BD) look great value, but I'm a bit worried about the 2 x 5W speakers. Will they be enough? The JVC LT26C50BJ also looks OK but I don't know what "3D" sound is. Is it as good as virtual surround? I even looked at the Dell W2600. The Sharp LC26GE5E is the only one I've looked at that I don't know if it is "HD ready" as I think the others are. As you might have guessed from the equipment listed, I can't afford much more than around £750. If anyone has tried any of the above machines, I'd be grateful for an opinion, or any advice at all on what might be suitable. By the way, I'm not a gamer.

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