Which LCD for both TV and PC?


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Hi all

Sorry if this question has been covered elsewhere - I tried to search for the answers but the huge number of posts on this forum is overwhelming - I know very little about this subject.....

My trusty 10 year old 23" CRT TV has packed up.

I went to my local electronics shop and was surprised to learn that I can buy a 37" LCD TV for the same price I paid for my CRT 10 years ago.

I was also surprised to learn that most of the large LCD TV's are displayed with a card advertising that they can also be connected to a PC. I've reached the conclusion then, that it would be great to be able to see my PC output on a large 37" screen and have just one display for PC and TV.

I spend almost 90% of my time doing photo work on my PC with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop and I'm forever frustrated that I can't fit more on my 19" LCD PC display.

I went out and bought a computer magazine, but there weren't any reviews of LCD displays bigger than 24". I had someone colour calibrate my current PC display in the past with a spyder because it's critical to me that photo colours match on both display and printer output and I wanted to understand this issue in relation to using a larger LCD, but I didn't find the answers.

Could anyone please recommend a large LCD display for both TV and PC?

And from looking at other posts I would be very grateful if someone could please explain the difference between VGA/DVI/HDMI connections, etc.

Thanks, Terry


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So you need accurate colour reproduction and all that stuff, yeah? Eizo monitors are great for that sort of thing, but are of course expensive, and are not all as good for gaming as they don't have low response times. It's also worth noting that even a 1080p HDTV will have a lower resolution than your old CRT did.
What was it, 1920x1440, or 2048x1536?
If you are really set on a TV though, then I don't know what would be best. 10 bit panel and all that stuff?

richard plumb

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I'd be curious about this too. I have a macbook and imac 24" and am selling my imac as I don't use it much, except for batch photo editing now and then, and some video editing even less frequently.

So I was thinking of spending £300-400 on a 24" monitor which I could use occasionally. But perhaps that money would be better spent upgrading my TV in the lounge to a 1080p 40"ish size which I could use for those occasions connected to my macbook, then move our current TV into the spare room.

are 40" screens usable as PC monitors (not day to day)?

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