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Which LCD (37"+ around £600 max)!!


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Been looking for a 37" plus LCD for a week or so, and to be honest am pretty lost!

Want it for general TV, through freeview (no SKY), DVD/Blu-Ray and possible PS3 in future! Want a decent set for no more than £600.

Have been looking at the Samsung LE40B530 Series 5, 40'' which is on offer at £500 in sainsburys, seem like a good deal with £250 off, but then noticed it was only £550 anyway in Comet! Also is only 50hz and has varying reviews of blurring and poor sound!

Only other I had found was the LG 37LH2000 which came in at £400 on a sepcial? But noticed this was also bottome of range and also only 50hz?

Any other suggestions as im coming to a stalling point!!




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the lh2000 isnt full hd but im looking at getting one for gaming even though there an old model they are very well reviewed "which" and consumer. i have moved away from samsungs due to sound and unwanted potential gaming defects.

its worth pointing out that you can get a 42lh2000 for 399 with a years warranty at richer sounds, which is a pretty good value (all online), just found out ive missed out on a £360 deal that was going on on additionsdirect.com so pretty gutted about that, but hey thats 5 extra free inches for ya!

think this might be what ill go for as getting hold of a LG5000 in my price bracket is proving too hard for me but your budget would stretch for a 37" version might be worth looking into 1080p and a good allround newer set, richer sounds are doing the 37LG5020 version (not notably different) in clearance in southern areas of the UK for 399 but theres very few left check out the website, id get one but im too far away in newcastle
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Definately want 1080p as I don't want to be buying a new set in 12 months!!

Still tempted by the 40" samsung 530, just it's 50hz so if I'm looking to keep for a couple if years, might be I regret not getting 100hz plus?

But with the samsung 530 at £500, it's still tempting!!


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i wouldnt worry too much about the Hz to be honest, anything over 50hz simply makes up the frames in between, so 200hz plays 4x as many frames as 50hz but three of those are made up,

i was reading bout some LGs with 200hz tru motion, people just have to turn it off otherwise it creates all sorts of messes over there screen,

50hz is used cause its frame rates fine for the human brain to comprehend with no blurring as far as im aware, this is only with the exception of sports like tennis with the uber fast ball i think, it can take a lot of fiddling to get it right, but then your samsung could work fine have to find some consumer reviews, ive jsut been reading a lot on lg's recently lol....

NB. 200hz however would make a great deal of difference to a pidgeon that processes visuals far faster than us, its why they take ages to move out the way of busses and stuff, its all in kinda slow motion to them
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