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Graham M

My Boss has asked me to recommend to him a Laptop.

I don't know too much about laptops, so I wondered if anyone here would be able to assist.

He wants to spend around £650 and he wants a Sony one.

What sort of features should he be looking for, and are there any current 'best buys' out there, that I could steer him towards, (Sony or non Sony).

I'm sorry it all sounds a bit vague, but I would like to help him If I can (Brownie points and all that...)

Graham M


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You do need to check which features are most valuable to him depending on how portable it needs to be and which applications he wants to run.

A safe solution, from a liability point of view, is to look at what the magazines are testing and recommending. PC Pro have just done a test on business laptops, which you may be able to view online.

I think the new HP range at Staples is good middle of the road stuff. Dell is generally reliable and a "brand" that has a good profile for a business person.


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he will pay much more for less if he buys Sony though. Vaio's are good but are still style over substance at the lower end and their support is awful.

Dell outlet sells off cancelled orders at big discounts here. www.dell.co.uk/outlet

I still buy IBM (now Lenovo) or Toshiba myself as the quality and aftersales is still better than almost any I have found


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38H21543 said:
...laptops, which you may be able to view online.
I also think the new HP range at Staples is good middle of the road stuff.

Have always had troubles with HP laptops:
hard drive failure and replacement - twice!
hinges (between screen and keyboard) fatigued and broken in under a year

ush flynn

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Sony FS series are going for around that much, nice slim off white keyboards, good features, we use them as back up show machines in my job. My 2 laptops are sony BX196's nice security features (fingerprint scanner instead of passwords). For a boss though, image is fairly important. Even though there are some great deals to be hand, i dont think he should be seen with anyting thats not from one of the big names. New Toshiba models are very impressive, do they still make the slimest 15" machine on the market?


Just bout to say find out what their getting in Bellmarsh and get the same, only the very best for prisoners.

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