Which Laptop to buy


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I would go for the Samsung or Dell

the Samsung is a great spec for the price and Samsung laptops have got many plaudits

the Dell 15R is similar spec to the Samsung but tiny details make it 100 notes dearer but quite frankly I'm not sure if you're mum would care or notice for them (DDR2 vs DDR3 RAM, the Dell has HDMI etc etc)

so yeah, if your mum has simple needs, then the Samsung but the Dell is good (thought at £649.99 I can't say if it's worth it)

btw, you need to update the 15R link as it goes to a tesco login page,


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The Dell is on i was looking at is only £549. Samsung looking like it could be the one then.

ah ok, could you post a link to that one then, as I could only see a 649 spec one

EDIT: just found the 549 one, better spec for the Samsung, I would go for that one

EDIT 2: clarify above, while the Dell has DDR3 and hdmit output, the Samsung has more RAM and a larger HDD
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Hmm HDD space doesn't really matter but i suppose the RAM issue might. Tough to call, an hdmi port might be usefull but for all the times it would get used.

that's the issue, you have to decide what it's worth paying for, DDR3 and a HDMI port (that won't get used but for the possibility that it might) or a 1G extra of RAM and more HDD space

not knowing, what your mother's needs are, would she really notice the RAM difference but if you're more comfortable in her having a more 'up to date' machine then go for the Dell

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