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Which kef speakers


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Hello everyone, i am looking at two options for my new home cinema setup with regards to speakers. I am looking at a pair of KEF Q65's and a pair of Kef Q4's. I would like a bit of advice and what to expect from either speaker. I did contact a Kef specialist and he said the Q65's would be bassier and are older, but then he said he hadn't heard of Kef Q4's. I will make a choice on your trusted advice 8O).




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I cant help you out with the question but I'd be concerned that the person giving you advice said one set would be bassier than the other when he hadn't even heard of the q4's.

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The Q4's will have a more advanced UniQ driver, so you will receive more detail from these, especially seeing as the cabinet volume is smaller, the drive units are smaller etc - it'll be a leaner, more forward sound from these. The Q65's are a warmer, fuller sounding speaker with a better bass response due to a larger cabinet and drive units.

A smaller room will suit the Q4's better, a larger room the Q65's. Power handling will be better on the Q65's, and they'll generally suit music better. An AV system usually uses a sub, so for an AV system the Q4 might be enough for many people set to small with the sub taking care of lower duties.


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Thank you very much for a great answer. I have swayed towards the Q4's and now reading your post has confirmed this. I live in a1930's house with quite a small lounge, so i will now look for a half decent sub. Thanks again.


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