Which ISP for fibre?


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I'm due to be getting fibre in the next couple of months and I was wondering which residential fibre ISP people would recommend.

I'm currently with Vivaciti and the customer support and reliability of the connection has been excellent.

I've been thinking about possibly staying with Vivaciti for fibre but I'm tempted by BT Infinity for the BT Sport channels when the football starts again.

Is there as much of a gulf between ISPs for fibre as there is for ADSL?

I don't have a maximum price for a service - I just want the best service after being on no more than 5.5 Meg for the last 9 years.

If it helps, my nearest fibre cabinets are 1.3 and 1.4km from me.



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I can't speak for other ISPs re Fibre but I changed from O2 ADSL when they sold it off to Sky to BT Infinity option 2 just over a year ago...I was getting on average 2.5-3MB with O2 now I'm averaging 30-35MB and I'm pleased with their largely reliable service...our phone was with BT anyway.


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I'd vote for PlusNet, switched to them from Talktalk and it went as smoothly as it could have done and now getting around 68Mbps :) £19.99 (+£14.50 line rental) for the unlimited up to 76Mbps package and you can get BT Sport for half price with them as well, UK call centres if anything goes wrong (don't underestimate the value of that).


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I'm leaving Vivaciti too after a decent spell for a few years, now I think they are throttling speeds which they will be telling customers soon. I can even get passed 10kb/s on P2P, shocking! Off to Plusnet with the current deal.​


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Having been with BT then Sky both services are good and no slow downs at peak times or buffering that i have noticed.

I went with sky due to the discount they offered at the time it was 6 months half price i think.

Both routers the homehub and sky hub are not really impressive but they work ok

i get a decent speed around 75Mbps down and 17 Mbps up (pretty close to the cab)

FYI this speedtest is from a few weeks back i'm at work currently so i can't take test


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