Which is the Best Sat nav?


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Simple question and i can imagine lots of views on this. But i am after one that can give me everything, Money not such a problem, Well About £500 that is, Need all sorts on it, Speed cams, Bluetooth, Europe map, Good street maps and road names, is there one that laser detects mobile speed cams? Music maybe not to bothered aboyt this, and just about anything else you can think is a must for a sat nav. I will be making my choose soon so any help from you guys out there would make my day. Thank you.


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Although I've got a Garmin Street Pilot 2610, I normally use TomTom Mobile, which is loaded on my Nokia 6680. In my opinion, TTM is an excellent navigation package. You can easily upload speed camera databases, which you can get from www.pocketgpsworld.com. They used to be free, but now I think they charge about £20 per year for monthly updates.

The Garmin Nuvi also looks good. It's about £400 for the one loaded with Euro maps. A good place I've dealt with before is GSD Navigation. Their customer service is superb.


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He will mean the Nuvi 360 as that has the European maps and will also act as a hands free for your Bluetooth mobile phone.


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I have the Nuvi 350 (just like the 360 without Bluetooth), so can't vouch for how good the Bluetooth is but I'm very pleased with everything else (good/quick satellite reception, clearly spoken/shown instructions, very accurate etc).


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tomtom 910.

Easy to use.
Speed Cams via POI
Bluetooth handfree
12gb For music,photos and videos
Speaks road names
Traffic Alerts (via an optional TMC module, but it hasn't been released yet, but can use subsciption service via GPRS)


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What are the speed cam reports like?
Pretty good from what I've seen so far. I use the pocketgps speed cam database, and every time it has alerted for a fixed speed camera there has been one in the exact location it alerted. Also has mobile locations, red light cams etc. You can choose between just an audible/visual alert, or audible/visual alert plus additional alert if you are going over the speed limit for that cam.

Of course, it is a database rather than a radar detector, so doesn't snoop out hidden cams, camera cars etc (but then there are very few satnavs that do this).


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Have you looked at the Road Angel systems:

Navigator 6000


They have the full satnav but are also specialist speed cam systems unlike most other satnav's which only handle camera locations as POI's. The biggest downside to them, like any specialist speed cam system is that you have to subscribe to the speedcam database (about £50 pa). The Navigator definitely has european mapping and a european speedcam database is available for both.


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Road Angle Navigator is the Sat nav that i already have, Big down side of this is that there is NO bluetooth, This is a must. so an all in one package is what i am after.


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To repeat an earlier post, how about a Mio Digiwalker? ;)
The P550 is a PDA running Windows Mobile. This one has a built in 20 channel SiRFIII Satalite receiver. It also has bluetooth and wifi capabilities.
I have it running TomTom Navigator. Being windows based it'll run many types of software. I'm currently sitting here listening to an audio book on it :)


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I must admit the PDA option does give me another thought to where I am going, I will have to look into this alot more before I make my choose. Does the Mio have the ability to find speed cams and also are you talking about the `Mio 168` have also noticed a P550 from Mio which seems to do alsorts, can you confrim which is the best one to go for. Regards Nigel


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I am thinking about buying the P550 looks like it does it all amd more, Can you give me more advice, Should i buy the unit then get the software somewhere else, or get an all in one bundle, Where do you recommend to buy it from for both sofware and P550. Any other information you can offer I would be made up to receive. Regards Nigel


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I have had the Mio c710 for about 3 weeks now and does all of the things you wnat I think:

European mapping to street level
Speed Cams

Does not do the laser detecting of mobile cameras.

Good neat unit which also does MP3 and all that sort of thing to.


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I got my P550 from

http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk/tomtom-navigator-5-software-and-gb-maps-preloaded-sd-card-and-mio-p550-description.html to be precise!

it was a bundle deal.
it came with TomTom Navigator 5 on an 125mb SD card - I have since updated this to a 1G card, with no problem.
I chose them to install it for me, and got a free www.pocketgps.co.uk speed camera database installed. I got a bigger card because I also installed Memory-Map on it for walking maps!

Excellent service - good free delivery, all worked exactly as it said on the tin!
go for it...

I may have gone for the Mio phone, but it has a camera on it and i can use them where i work.
anyway I'm planning on updating my mobile soon to a blue tooth one, then this will be the dogs danglies...
I can currently select someone in my address list, and say, navigate there, with a bluetooth phone I can ring them on the way!


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Cricket, you have mentioned that you owned a Road Angel Navigator. Just wondering whether you can let me know how many files/folders (and their name) in your SD card? Thank you!


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How about the Snooper Syrius? It gets a top score of 90% from Which?

Having said that - I'm not sure if it's got Bluetooth. I've been looking on the net and I can't see it mentioned anywhere.

2nd in Which?'s top spot for sat navs is TomTom Go 510.

3rd is Garmin Nuvi 300

4th TomTom One

5th TomTom GO 910


I have noticed that a new TomTom is coming out. A TomTom Go 715!

Take a look at www.bestsatnav.co.uk perhaps they could help.


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