which is the best gear to have for receiving HDTV via sat?



Hi all,

bit new to HDTV and just getting my head around it!
I am awaiting delivery of pioneer 434 plasma and 868 dvd player and want to get into HDTV! i.e. receive EUR1080!!
what do i need?? i just have normal digi sky at the moment!
Will i need a new dish?? what sort of receiver? can i use a sky+ box in tandem or that not necessary??

Any advice greatly appreciated!
You are going to need a bigger sat dish with dual lnb mounts to receive current SkyDig sat and the one that Euro 1080 transmits from. You will probably be able to remove the minidish and replace it with a single dish which will do both rather than have to put up a second dish beside your mini dish.

You will then need a sat receiver with the required de-cryption built in. I am going to be investiagting when these will be for sale today as I need one too!


P.S Currently programmking is Free To Air but encryption is due to start this month I think?
Are they sorting out an end-user subscription or are they still mainly targetting pubs/bars/venues?
So if I'm reading this correctly, you don't need a motorised dish? You just need one that points in the same direction as a normal Skydigital minidish?

Am I right?



it needs to point at 19.2 degrees east which is the old sky analogue position. Sky digital satellite is at 28.2 degrees east.

You can use 2 LNBs on a special arm or a monbloc LNB + DiSEqC switch to "see" both 28E ($ky Ditial slot) and 19.2E (Astra slot) with a single dish.

Look up "Monobloc" LNB here :


Chris Muriel, Manchester.

did you manage to find out when the receivers are going to be available?

Yes just got a mail this morning. June is the new date for the Irdeto equipped unit. There is also going to be an announcement about a new UK distributor for the Zinwell receivers. (it's not me before you ask).

I need a unit for compatability testing so might end up getting a crappy FTA unit in meantime.....we'll see.


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