Which is the best FPS for 2 Player Local Co-op?


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I have been playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on the Wii U with my son. We only play two player local co-op. We play on the multiplayer maps vs the AI rather than missions as 2 player missions are not available. I am after something that provides 2 player missions, extra maps and possibly on-line co-op as well.

Now I am looking to get an Xbox One and want opinions on which are the best FPS for local 2 player co-op?

The games that I am considering are:
Call of Duty Black ops 3 - is another version better for 2 player local co-op?
Halo 5 Guardians - we were big Halo fans on the Xbox 360. (Halo is the main reason for me to go Xbox one rather than PS4 - unless someone can point me to a better 2 player coop game that is only on the PS4.)
Star Wars Battlefront.

Any other suggestions?


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No idea sorry fella. I never play local co-op. Best thing to do would be check that site and then check the relevant game threads and ask the question.

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Sorry I meant

Sorry - I meant Halo Master Chief Collection rather than Halo 5.

I have looked at that coop site. It is good for telling you which games have local co-op but not as helpful in determining how good the 2 player coop for a game actually is.

Master Chief collection definitely has locol Coop. You can play all 4 campaigns coop, plus the extra challenge levels from H4 etc.... Play with my 10yr old.


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