Which is harder, Skiing or Snowboarding


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OK, my mate and I plan to have some lessons (probably the learn in a day kind) befroe the end of September.

I want to do Skiing, he wants to do Snowboarding:rolleyes:

Is one much harder than the other to pick up?

Is there any benefit taking one course before another (in case I can get him to agree to do them both!) as i don't mind doing both courses.



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Snowboarding is easier to get the basics but skiing is faster and more fun IMO. I also waterski and wakeboard and I would say the same is true for those as well.

I probably favour skiing overall because that is what I tried first (I have waterskiied for years before trying snow). I suppose snowboarding is seen as more trendy but I prefer to make my own mind up about such things :)


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on trips i have been on with newbies the snow boarders tend to pick it up quicker than the skiers. So by the end of week one boarders can get more speed and confidence on the piste. Snowboarders tend to be the more adreniline rush types who just go for it and dont mind falling over more because you can get a bit black and blue in your first week boarding but you are seeing results. Skiing takes a bit longer and the style evolves a bit slower because you are trying to control two long planks on each foot on slippery snow.


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From considerable experience I can tell you that the trend is that snowboarding can be picked up within 1-2 weeks on snow, as skiing takes closer to double that.
However the two styles are very different, so pick them on what you want to do, rather than how easy they are.

Snowboards are much better for tricks (if you're into that kinda thing) and they good off piste in the powder (large suirface area). However they can be quite limiting on piste and they are hard on ice.

However skis are much better for speed and for piste skiing, as they have two edges to grip instead of one.

Also sadly the image of snowboarders has been tarnished by the actions of a few who are irresponsible and dangerous on the slopes.

So it depends on what you want to do as to which one you pick. I have friends who are masters of both, but it has taken them 10 years to get there.....

p.s. on real snow falling over doesn't hurt half as much as falling over on a dry slope. It's just a little colder.


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From my experience, boarding was a lot easier to pick up, especially if you surfed, cycled or skateboarded in your life before. Skiing is supposed to be more stylish but harder to master. Snowboarding seems to tire you out quite a lot less, especially off piste.


Some very good advice.
I love snowboarding, picked it up in a week but the more adviced turns take longer to master. As mentioned if you have ever been on a skateboard before you'll find it much more natural than on Ski's.

One thing to take into account is the terrain. If there are flat areas (I was in Andorra last season and there are a lot of flatter parts round the mountain) then remember with snowboard you will have to dis-mount and carry or push the board if you have run out of momentum. My sister and mum both ski and they could both push themselves thru these areas. Just something to bare in mind.

If you are the more adrenaline fuelled type definately get a board, the simple jumps are a real rush, I CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO CHAMONIX THIS YEAR!


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Just one point to consider with the learning curve, I found that with boarding its tougher physically than skiing in the early stages as you use your arms and knees alot when getting up from the sitting or wiped out position which you will be in a lot.

Once you're over the initial learning curve this is irrelevant, but its worth mentioning if you're going for a short winter break.


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Get yerself on a board m8!



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domtheone said:
Is one much harder than the other to pick up?

I think the question should be: "Which way is it easiest to break a leg?"

I'd vote for skiing every time!


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GW43 said:
I think the question should be: "Which way is it easiest to break a leg?"

:eek: :eek: :eek:

I do have a dodgy left knee myself (damaged/dislocated the knee cap several times in the past) so I won't be doing any major jumps if i go the Snowboarding route:D


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As a long term surfer i have had several goes at snowboarding in recent years. I was genuinely surprised at how 'rigid' the snow variety 'felt' to me.
If you have any sense of balance (and center of) then you will find boarding quite a bit easier from the off (if you like) than skiing.
Confidence is also key for either by my reckoning.


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Snowboarding is definitely easier to pickup quickly....I organised a stag-weekend in June to Tignes and none of the guys had ever been on a board, and I only had Skied before....One morning of private tutoring and off we went on our own....Really easy!


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I skied for 3 seasons (6 holidays/weeks), and then moved onto boarding for the last 2 seasons (3 holidays/weeks). On both occasions, I went to the "Learn to Board / Ski in a day" course in Snodome (or use Xscape) to learn the basics prior to actual winter holiday. Between the two, I would say snowboarding was a little easier to pick up, but the learning curve was definitely more painful. Looking back, I did lack confidence, but when I did eventually "trust myself", the rest was history as they say. :) I admit I am no pro boarder, but I was coping better with red runs far earlier on the board than skis.

If you do board, I suggest you get :
- a quality pair of gloves. Your hands will be in contact with snow a lot during learning, and the last thing you want is a pair of cold & wet hands.
- wrist guards. When you fall forward during learning, almost everyone will put their hands out to "stop" themself which can result in broken wrist bone,..... Saw a fellow learner boarder do this on his first day in Saalbach 2 seasons ago!
- impact pants. Vital piece of equipment as you WILL be able to sit down during apres-ski to rest your aching body.
- helmet. Vital equipment too in my view. Had a nasty backward fall in Snowdome and nearly knocked myself out!! It wasn't pleasant I can tell you.:thumbsdow

Whatever you choose, you'll have a great time.:smashin:


PS. do some preparation / exercise before you go i.e. light jog up and down your staircase to strengthen your calf & leg muscles or else they are going to hurt after the first day!!:D


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I've only ever boarded but I know a lot of people who have done both. Basically snowboarding is diffucult to learn but easy to master, Skiing is easy to learn hard to master.


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I've been skiing for nearly 8 years first year i hated it, but now I love it and can't get enough, if it's a long term thing you want to do go for the Skiing, I presume your going to something like Xcape?


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Snowdome in Tamworth is where (if:rolleyes: ) we'll be going.


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Actually, neither of them are hard. Both activities require you to wear brightly colour spandex.

Become a Ninja, thats hard.


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Snowboarders? Pah! - gays on trays..................:D

Fast Jon

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I am a reasonably competent skiier but whenever I've had a go at boarding I always seem to end up in a sweating, breathless heap. Maybe I should try lessons.

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