which is better?


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Just wondered, which would give me the better performance to a panny pw6 plasma

RGB to VGA via d type out or RGB to YUY component.



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From what I've been told and read, it generally better to go in to a display with RGB as this is what the display finally uses to display the image, as long as the display handles RGB well then this should be the route to use, if you went for the RGB to component converter route, then you would be taking an RGB signal converting to YCbCr then going in to the display converting from YCbCr to RGB again before displaying, all these conversions can't be doing the signal any good, at best they wont degrade it but there'll be no improvement, at worst you'll get signal degradation and reduced quality.

The people you really want to hear from are Gordon, Joe, John etc.. They'll know more definitely what the best route would be.

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No quite sure what you mean, but if you are asking, is there any difference between the RGB and Component colourspaces on the the Panny 6 inputs, then the answer is "very little"

If you mean, which will give the better picture the RGB2VGA converter or the RGB2YUV converter, then I think the RGB2VGA has the edge, but only just...

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