Which is better seperates or intergrated av amps


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hi i would like to know given you all out there a choice regardless of budget which would you prefer seperates (eg Nad) or integrated av amps (Denon,Yamaha etc..)? the reason for this question (don't get me wrong i love my Denon avc-a1xv which is getting upgraded at the moment) i've been offered by my retail shop they would give me my money back on the amp, unfortunatley minus the upgrade of $1500 for the exchange for the nad master series. in your opinion what would you go for? I only use the amp for home theatre purposes only. or would you suggest to keep the Denon (which i really don't mind ) or am i going forward or backward by doing this? I've been hearing people saying seprates are way better by choice.


Depends on your needs, most processors wont have all the latest gadgetry that the A1xv has. Personally I would go for a good Pre/Power combo over a AVR any day:smashin:


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i'd go for whichever sounded best........simple :)
(altho necessary features would also come in to it, but a lot of stuff can be added on after)

i went for a 3803 integrated when i bought mine because it had everything i needed in one box and at the time had the power and ability to handle the speaker setup i was looking to build up.....i knew that altho its stereo ability wasnt bad, it could be bettered, but i didnt mind as i knew i'd eventually get a separate stereo amp as well (which i did this year).....for the price i wouldnt have got a separate Proc/Power combo without going second hand, and i didnt want to do that as i prefer the comfort on items of this expense of some backup from a dealer....

however had i been spending £2k or so i would have had more choice with proc/power combos being available as well, i dont know for certain which i would have done then....

and sadly i wont be upgrading my 3803 for a good couple years by the looks of things so i cant answer with current products either...lol.....altho if pushed to say which i think, i'd have to say give me a couple days to go try some setups at my local 7oaks and see...lol

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If you have the room for a pre-power, never mind the money then you should consider it. It may not be much of a surprise but an integrated owner (especially of the flagship amps) will tell you to buy that, a separates owner will normally recommend what he owns. Ultimately it is the personal experience that drives the advice. You need to gain you own experience. I would organise a home demo, if you are spending that kind of cash a dealer would be a fool to turn you down.

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