Which is best for my situation?


Hi All,

It's a similar story to many, but I've not found the answer through searching so I'm forced to start a new thread.... sorry! I've just left Sky after 10+ years and have a satellite dish and Q LNB. I also have a standard aerial attached to the chimney stack, but the wires don't reach to where I placed the new TV.

I use a SONOS soundbar, sub and 2 x play 1's for audio.

I'm interested in getting something to record TV as everything else I've tried so far is giving me patchy results. First question - what's the general consensus freesat vs Freeview? I could go for the former and just buy the arris box, but reading up on reviews suggests there are a few glitches and some people reporting it doesn't work with SONOS... is that true?

I could also go for a Humax Aura on Freeview, but I'd need to buy and redo the aerial cable to my new TV.... no biggy. But is this generally considered a better option than Freesat?

I want to keep things as simple as possible, but I need the system to work with my SONOS and it needs to perform as closely to Sky as possible, or the Mrs will be bugging me to go back to them! Any advice is most welcome. thanks


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IMO neither is better than the other, I have both.

Freesat does not have Ch4 HD nor Freesports HD on the EPG but both can be manually tuned, but on some boxes / TV's that can be a PITA. Freesat has my local ITV 1 region on the EPG in HD, (mainly used for local news).

Freeview has Ch4 HD and Freesports in SD on the EPG. Freeview has another regions local ITV 1 on the EPG in HD giving that regions local news and local region ITV 1 in SD. This varies around the country and by transmitter.

Those are just some examples of any differences. Only you know what you watch, and whether SD or HD is preferred, so you need to compare and decide one or both.

Can't help with the Sonos. Both the Arris and Aura have issues, see the respective owners threads.
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Really depends on if all you want from a receiver is to watch / record live TV or you want bells and whistles like streaming BBC Netflix and amazon prime, if you want an all in one box I dont think there is a perfect box. So my suggestion would be a Enigma 2 box that supports Unicable, and something like a fire stick for steaming services. This way you get all the streaming services and you get 8 tuners in the receiver that can be shared around the house. People say that with Enigma 2 you dont get an EPG but you do please see the attached screen shot, also notice that Channel 4HD is there



Thanks both. I have just had the freesat box delivered via Amazon. Their CS is v good so the plan is to see whether it will work alongside the sonos and if not, it'll go back immediately. I will certainly take a look at the enigma box, thanks

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