Which is best - Component or XVGA ?


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I'm in the process of selecting a new PAL progressive DVD player, currently got a Primare V25 on trial and I'm not that impressed with the Progressive Component output compared to my old Rotel DVD player which is NTSC (not PAL) progressive. The V25 has a Progressive capable XVGA but I don't have the cable yet ( not expensive so can try if worth it ).

Also, colour rendition is more realistic and grey scale appears to have more depth ( not clipped ) on the Rotel giving pictures a dull impression.

I suspect trying the XVGA output will make little difference but I'm keen to hear of other XVGA versus Component output experiences on other DVD players, is it better worse, etc.

Current set-up, Sony HS-50, Rotel HDV-1050 versus Primare V25.


I would personally say the XVGA if only because it uses pure RGB as opposed to compressed YPbPr.
But it would depend which the player is better at outputting anyway.


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YPbPr isn't compressed, it is just transcoded. The colour difference channels have lower bandwidth than the luminance, but that just mirrors how the video is coded and recorded on the DVD.

VGA and YPbPr should both be very good interfaces. Any difference in performance will lie with the respective performance of the source and display's transcoders. So there isn't a simple answer unless someone has done exactly the same as you. But it may be worth experimenting.

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