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    Can anybody give me any advice on which i/cs I should go for. Don't want to spend much at all ( 'cos I mean as 'ell) about 10 - 15 stg. I have an arcam 9 with rotel o2 amp and system audio 1530 speakers newly wired with cat 5 and I'm still using the original crap they gave me as i/cs. Would assume a half decent i/c would make a biggish difference?

    Should I aim for something fairly neutral as the sytem sounds pretty well balanced with the cheap i/cs?

    Has anyone any experience of this crowd and their i/cs below.


    Also, does anyone know where I can get covers/wrap/sleeve for my cat 5. I actually think the purple looks great but due to being able to get my cable from work I ended up with blue covered cat on one side and purple on the other.

    Sorry; a lot of questions.

    Thanx in advance!


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