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Which interconnects for Arcam system?


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I have just taken delivery of:

Arcam FMJ - P38 power amp
Arcam FMJ - A38 int amp
Arcam CD37 - SACD/CD player

My current speakers are:

Bowers Wilkins CM9 floorstanders
MJ Acoustics Reference 1 Mk3 subwoofer

I'd be very grateful if someone could suggest which interconnects I should consider in view of my system.

Many thanks


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This could get boring but +3 for Mark's cables...

Can you see a trend yet?



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When I was running my Arcam 777/888 with the CD37 I used Mark Grants G1000HD cables and still believe them to be one of the best cables I have tried.

This seems to be a bit of a landslide :)


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I compared MarkGrant G1500HD, Connex Ultimate Solid Silver Phono RCA Interconnect Cable, and some Nordost Red Dawns, AG-AUDIO 99.99 SILVER FOIL RCA INTERCONNECT CABLES with my DV139 and my avr300. I was thinking of auditioning the Missing link cryo series however I could not obtain a trial pair and although was told I could return a puchase if I was not happy - I ended up happy with what I tried at a fraction of the price those cables would have cost me and did not try them.

The differences were very subtle between the MG G1500HD, the Silver foil rca and the red dawns. If anything the Markgrant & red dawns had the edge for me for a fuller sound for for movies especially. I however preferred the connex for 2 channel hifi in my set up as I felt that it improved up the clarity in the upper mid range and treble whcih suited my taste.

I think really it depends upon your system, your taste and your ears. I would recommend that you try any of those above see which sound you prefer and if no preference then simply buy the cheapest. All had a trial periods or the money back (except the red dawns which I already had and had cost me the same as the others anyway from the USA) and I returned the ebay purchases I did not keep without any problem.

I hope you find this some help.

If I am permitted I have put links to where I purchased them below:

Mark Grant GD1500 from AV Cables and Interconnects, UK Cables Shop
Connex from ebay Connex Audio items - Get great deals on Analogue Interconnects, DIY Supplies items on eBay.co.uk Shops!
AG-AUDIO 99.99 SILVER FOIL RCA INTERCONNECT CABLES - from ebay cableman111 (type in silver interconnects)
Red Dawn I bought of Audigon ads although these are widely available from other stores in uk
Missing link from The-Link Product 1
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