Which interconnects do I need?



I'm soon going to be installing a Sim2 Domino 20 in my cinema room and I need to know which interconnects I have to route to the projector. I know that my Denon 3803 amp will upconvert all sources (S-Video etc) to component so I can run these from one component lead.

However I also want to connect a PC up to the projector and I was wondering if there was any way I could avoid running a 10 Metre VGA lead as well. Can I somehow run the VGA into component or are the signal types too different.

As an aside, anyone have any recommendations for DVD Players that complement the Domino 20 well.

Also I noticed several threads here that compare the Sim 2 and an Infocus 5700. I was fortunate enough to demo both of these projectors at the same time. Although they were both very impressive I really suffered with rainbows on the Infocus but hardly noticed anything on the Sim 2. I was testing them with U571, a disk that I highly recommend for highlighting rainbow effects and the Infocus was pretty much unwatchable for me, because of the rainbows.


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I think you can configure the VGA port for component and use one vga cable switched at the rack... but it's messy and pointless if running two cables isn't really a problem. You'll need to keep going into the setup menu to switch from YUV to RGB and back all the time for a start!!

It's gotta be Denon 2900 or A11 BTW ;)


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You are better off running a separate SVGA feed for your PC.
Check out the Pioneer 668 & 868 players as well.


Thanks guys, I'd figured as much. Next question has to be where to get a good quality 10 Metre SVGA cable at a reasonable price :)

I am tempted by the Denon 2900, once I get my projector set up I'll see if I can somehow arrange a home demo.

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Unless you consider your Composite and S-Video signals as 'Secondary' sources I'd avoid using the 'Up Conversion' on your AV Receiver (this is a 'convenience' feature not a 'quality' feature).

Your Faroudja DCDi equipped SIM2 Projector will do a far better job of displaying directly connected Composite or S-Video signals compared to processing the 'up converted' signals via your AV Receiver.

Unless your limited for space and or budget I'd throw every cable you can between your source rack and the Projector to give you as much flexibility as possible with your system.

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PS I take it you've gone with the Domino 20H ?


Bill: Thanks for the link, looks like a good price.

Joe: I have got a S-Video cable here so I could run this direct to the projector as well. Thanks for the advice.

With regards to the model, I've not actually got the 20H model. I was tempted but the model I've got is an ex demo and I got it for a very good price (it's only a few months old with hardly any bulb life used). I do have the option to swap it for a 20H if I want but I haven't seen one yet and I'm going to have to be blown away by the quality difference to justify spending over a grand extra.

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