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Which Interconnect Cables to use ?

Which Interconnect Cable

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Novice Member
Hello experts ;)

Sorting through a box of audio cables I have accumulated over the Years I am wondering which ones are the better option. I have done some rough research online but nothing concrete so would anyone here advise me as to which (if any) of these cables would be the best choice to connect my mixer to my amp

Current setup is a technics SH-DJ1200 mixer / Yamaha DSP-A5 amp ( soon to be upgraded to an A-S501 or 701 ) - monitor audio gold 50 speakers

Profigold interconnect ( currently using )
IXOS 103 PC-PFC .63 WBT-0144
IXOS 190av CL3 75 ohm OFC signal
Cambridge Audio 75 ohm from Richer Sounds

I could probably just try them all and have a listen but are any of these a better quality than the others ?

Many thanks


Distinguished Member
Even better, get a mate over to connect different cables randomly and see if you can tell any difference when you don’t know which one is attached (if necessary, put a cloth over the cables/amp/source once connected to reduce the urge to cheat).

If you can pick out the favourite more than half the time consistently you have a winner.
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Are you happy with how your HiFi sounds? If Yes leave as is and eBay the other cables. If No try other cables until Yes. If no cables result in Yes buy new HiFi gear.


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I would use the ones with copper as a conductor.


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75 ohm cable is only needed for High Speed Digital or High Frequency Analog transmissions. For Analog in the Audio range common shielded copper cable is fine.

Now to be clear, 75 ohm cable doesn't hurt, it is just unnecessary.

So, of those listed, the only possible answer is - all of them. I seriously doubt you can hear a difference between them. Pick the cables in the best condition and be happy with the choice. In fact I suspect most of them are overkill, but you already have them, so just use what you have.



Distinguished Member
If by "interconnect" we mean RCA cables, then consider the Fisual Havana which can be made to custom lengths-

Fisual Rio Custom Made Stereo Phono / RCA Cable - Stereo Phono / RCA Cables - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

The Havana Cables are £16/cable pair per meter.
2 meter = £18
3 meter = £20

You don't want crap low end cables, but neither do you really need to waste you money on high end cables. There are many in the roughly $15 to $25 range that are rugged well-shielded and with good RCA connectors on them.



Distinguished Member
I would use the ones with copper as a conductor.
Whereas I would only use those that are long enough to connect to both ends at the same time.

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