Which In ceiling speakers and fire hoods?


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I am having a new house built and have the chance of speakers and wiring put in.
The developer has offered systemline which doesn't do what I need it to - I have decided to go for a Sonos based system with in-ceiling speakers. I have 2 questions I could do with help with:

1) Do I need to have fire hoods fitted to the speakers to comply with NHBC regulations?
2) Which speakers should I get??? - Based on usage, I want to have the same speakers throughout the downstairs, a better quality pair for the main bedroom and another couple of cheaper pairs for the other bedrooms.

I've been looking at
Sonance 621TR for the main bedroom,
Jamo 6.5CS for the other bedrooms,
Jam0 6.5DVCA2 for the bathroom
either Sonance CR101, Kef Ci130.2 for the downstairs (3 pairs)

If anyone could give me some advice/Other options it would be appreciated.
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