Which homeplug speed?


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A silly question but which speed of homeplug would be suitable for normal home use on a PC located away from router.
General web browsing with the odd MP3 download.
Have Tiscalli 2MB broadband and as I live in a rural area maximum the telephone lines support would be 8MB.
Would a 14 speed homeplug be adequate or would it be best to go for an 85 speed - thinking of going for a Devolo starter kit.

Thanks in advance.


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Id go for 85Mbps - 200Mbps is very expensive still and 14Mbps is old technology now...the 85Mbps stuff is more resistant to interference..I use Netgear 200Mpbs and 85Mbps at home on seperate networks just fine though

Neville Street

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Reading around and it sounds like 85's will easily stream HD and are cross compatible with older ones if you have some low demand areas, e.g. a kids play room for browsing using an old PC.

Any real life experience from Homeplug users regarding extension leads? All my AV gear is on a 5 socket strip, I was planning to replace with an 8 gang to include the 85Mbps LAN socket to save a trailing extension lead and a trailing cat5 cable. If I have to I could do it with the Homeplug straight into the mains but would be aesthetically less pleasing to Mrs NS!!!

Also, is there an 85Mbps with a plug socket repeater on it (like those latest 200Mbps ones I have just seen).

Thanks in advance, NS

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