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I recently started looking for a Home theatre between a budget of 18-35k. I am a music lover but not an audiophile. Since I like watching movies, I wanted to try if the effects of home theatre a really amazing. I will be installing it in a 14*12 ft room. Moreover, I like to listen songs a lot and great sound quality and bass enhances that experience. I have heard Sony IV300 & RT3 simply without surround effect and they sounded decent. Somehow, I did not like sound effect in Onkyo s3800. The other 2 models suggested by a seller are Phillips HTP-074 (36K) and Elac Cinema 5(35k). I am yet to listen those. Can you all please suggest me some good options in this range? How is elac? Seller compared it to Bose .. lol. Phillips has passive subwoofer but elac has active. Another question is about waranty and support. I had not heard Elac before. Also sony is coming in almost half price. Anyway great experience is priority.

Today's update: In 26th Jan sale I am getting Sony IV300 in 17-18k and RT3 in 15k, is it worth it? From what I have researched till now it seems configuring a good sounding HT is difficult and expensive task and you would always be wanting more no matter how much you spend. Though I too want to hear songs and my favourite movies in top sound effects, I have my budget restrictions. Today I heard a single Bose speaker (price whopping 38K) and I didn't like the sound a bit. Thus, I am afraid even after spending 30-40k there may be chances I may not like the sound quality.

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Price - whatever the price the system has to suit your Room, Your Ears and support any Features you require.

Room/Room Layout - will dictate what type of system to be considering.


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