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I have just spent the last three months researching the kit I want to buy for my home cinema, and appear to get more confused by the day.
Basically for my budget I need to buy a TV, a set of satellite 5.1 speakers, a DVD player, and a amp/receiver.

I think I've pretty much decided to go for the Sagem HD-D45H G4-T from av wow for £1244.89 delivered inc vat. I wanted a 42'' and the connectivity is excellent, I wanted to have the capability to connect my PC, have the 2 HDMIs for Sky HD (eventually), my 360, and for DVD, and didn't want to go the projector route.

With my budget of £2700 not including stand that leaves me with a little short of £1500 for the amp, DVD player, and satellites.

The kit I'm keen on so far is the Mordaunt short genie system for about £700, or not sure whether to scale down to the Kef KHT 1005, and spend more on a receiver that upscales such as the Yamaha RX-V1600.
As for DVD players I really like the Denon 1920 but it doesn't play Div-X.

At the end of the day this is for a dedicated home cinema room (a loft conversion) and as far as I am concerned I want the DVD player to have Div-X capability and play both DVD-R and DVD+R, at least some part of the system to be capable of upscaling my DVD collection, would the Yamaha receiver be the best way of doing this???
The speakers have to be small, purely because of the room, they also all have to be wall mountable, as I don't want to have stands (again not practical because of the room).

If any of you have advice or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.


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The Sagem is an excellent choice, but you should shop around a bit - you should be able to get it a bit cheaper. I got mine from microdirect for £1106, although they've sinced upped the price by about £30, and are out of stock atm. If you can't wait, have a dig around pricerunner/kelkoo/froogle.

For the DVD player, get the Oppo. It's around £175, and seems miles better than anything in that price bracket.

One other thing to consider, if you haven't already, is that running a video-out cable from your PC is quite practical nowadays. That way you don't have to burn stuff to dvd to play it, you can watch HD stuff straight from the PC (looks incredibly on the Sagem), and you don't have problems with constantly changing video standards. For example, most divx players won't handle hires xvids, they don't have the processor power - there are a lot of 1280*720 xvids out there nowadays (very nice quality too). With a PC you simply download a new codec, with the physical dvd player you're left hoping the manufacturer updates it. Also, the PC will upscale xvids far better than any dvd player.

ps the 50" is also a terrific price atm, some places are selling it for around £1400.


Thanks arfster.
Hadn't even heard of the Oppo, but have just had a look at it on the net. It looks as though it will play pretty much anything you throw at it.
The fact that it upconverts from DVI is possible a downside I guess (the sagem doesn't have dvi input).

Do you think I should go for a receiver that upscales???

In fact whilst we're at it can anyone explain the difference between upconvert and upscale, cos I'm totally baffled. Based on the criteria that I have whch one is better. This seems to be the question that will determine where most of my budget will go.:rolleyes:


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DVI and HDMI are the same thing for video - the only difference is the former has no sound. You can get dvi-hdmi cables for <£5 (don't fall for ripoff expensive cables, cos they're digital they are 100% identical in performance) - I think the Oppo even comes with one in the box.

Upscaling is generally a good idea for a DVD player, and the Oppo can. Upconvert/upscale usually means the same thing: basically taking the DVD output (480 or 576 lines), and converting it to HD (720). Your TV will do this anyway, but usually a good upscaling DVD is better at the process (not sure if this is necessarily true for the Sagem though, cos it has a Faroudja chip).

Barring spending £500+ on the dvd player, the Oppo is probably your best choice. A PC can probably do an equal job for DVD playback, but it's a right pain to get it set up properly.

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