Which Hisense to buy under £400?

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*NB I posted this earlier today but as a newbieI think I may have chosen the wrong forum. This looks more appropriate...

First time poster with no technical nous. Am buying a 4K TV with this budget in mind that is for regular family viewing and no gaming or specialist viewing. Can only fit a 43" size. My research has narrowed down to Hisense - I'm not dogmatic but it's difficult making decisions with the array of opinions on offer and in the end I thought these seemed decent. I like the look of the Argos only B7120 which has great reviews and is the cheapest. I am also tempted by the A7500 in John Lewis which has the added attraction of a 5 year guarantee. This along with the 7300 & 7400 come in at £379. The only difference I can see between the 7120 & 7500 is really the Roku v VIDAA operating systems which I know nothing about. Is the higher price down to this and if so are there pros and cons of each or is it preference? I've looked for reviews comparing these iterations but found nothing. BTW feel free to say Hisense isn't all that if you think I've lost the plot!

Finally, as an aside, if I went with the 7120 I was considering adding a budget soundbar as I've heard the sound with these entry level sets is ordinary - nothing fancy just to boost general sound effects Saw a well reviewed JVC in Currys for 70 quid... Just an idle thought, really, but if anyone has an opinion either way that would be useful.

Many thanks.

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