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Hi, I'm looking at upgrading my CCTV camera's which the previous owner had fitted under the soffits.

I'm looking at getting the Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2-8P 4K 8 channel NVR with inbuilt POE - Upto 12MP but have no idea which 4k cameras ie Bullet or Turret.

Also, I should try and relocate the cameras by extending the cable and running it down the gutter pipe but from a security perspective, this isn't great as the cable can simply be cut.

I've attached two images of what I'm writing about and wondering what are your thoughts?

Many thanks in advance.


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OK. Your NVR choice is solid, the 8 channel version is a good idea as you often want to add more cameras later. Soffit installs for cameras is generally sub-optimal for 2 and 3 storey houses and is often undertaken by lazy or in-experienced installers. 4k cameras - 8Mp is generally overkill for most domestic cameras. 4Mp is often more than adequate unless you have larger areas and long gardens and driveways that you need to cover.

Gutters are a great way to hide unsightly cables and bring the cameras down to a better working level. Dont clip to the gutters, but take them off and clip to the wall behind them. Remember to use external grade cable if you wish to extend what you have and I would recommend pulling your cable back into the loft and using RJ45 couplers.

Domes are falling out of fashion for external cameras (spiders love to sit across the IR and block the lens). Turrets are a better choice generally. If you have some ambient lighting I would look for ColorVu cameras. If you have a need for intrusion detection then Acusense using Darkfighter technology are a better option. If you choose to use greater than 4Mp cameras then you will need to use H265 or H265+ compression to preserve bandwidth BUT H265 and H265+ work best where there is very little changing in the image. They are not great in busy or heavily trafficked areas as they require a lot of processing.

There is quite a lot to consider when buying Prosumer cameras. You may also want to think about what focal lengths you are going to need.


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Thanks for the detailed reply and tips. Regarding the Spiders, we have lots of them and have to clean the cameras frequently!

The cameras are mainly for intrusion detection and cover a gated driveway therefore they won't be too busy or covering the main road. The two-cameras will need to cover a wide driveway - 50 feet\15m X 20 feet\6m therefore the high-resolution?

Perhaps I should get two Acusense using Darkfighter technology Turret Network Cameras for the soffits and bring down a cable to install a bullet camera to cover the left of the house where the cars are parked and entrance to the house for close-ups.

@mushii, May I send you a picture of the house from the front?



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I have just read one of your previous posts and you said that Acusense with Darkfighter technology was a better bet for intrusion detection than the ColourVu cameras.

I was wondering why, as I was about to order a ColourVu camera but I am now confused as to which one would be the better option.

I was hoping to use the ColourVu camera without the LED light on and rely on ambient light only, but with the option of switching the light on as required.

So I was wondering if you could help me with this dilemma Please.

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They are two different technologies. Acusense uses machine learning to detect motion in defined areas, being able to differentiate people from other objects. It uses Darkfighter technology for image resolution in low light areas.
ColorVu is ultra low level light image resolution technology. Able to resolve full colour with the bare minimum of available light.
So you need to decide which technology you need. My last install I used a combination of both camera types depending on what was being protected and how.


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Thanks mushii for replying.

Going on your explanation, I will probably get the Acusense to monitor the drive as I can create a defined area to block out any notification's from next doors adjoining drive, as there is a wall between us.

I will then get a a ColorVu camera to cover the back garden.
All I need to do then, is to decide on which 4 channel NVR to get to leave in the garage.

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