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Which High-End Streamer?


Standard Member
Hi there,

I have been searching HD streamers for weeks now and I have taken the top 27 streamers that I could find and I have broken my list down to 8. I'm very stuck on deciding as well which to buy.

I am looking for a device that can play H.264 and .MKV files as well HDMI 1.3, Network Media Tank to access all files from my computer, have internet to play radio shows etc as well be able to install a SATA I or II drive so I can take it places. The 8 players my list is down to is ....

UTV Bono Media Player
iStar Mini NMT
Netgear EVA9150
eGreat EG-M32B

If you have any info on these or if you know one of these don't fit my options or had experience on these please let me know.


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I am also stuck with this.

Dont know what to buy, am tempted by the Popcorn but I want an indicatory display really so Im tempted by the Egreat M32b if i can find a UK reseller :-S

Also looking into the HDI Dune Ultra (older but cant find ANY to buy) and the Dune HD Centre (Still cant find anywhere to buy in UK !! Just Digital Rev who dont have them !!)
Also the Netgear 9150 nobody seems to have that neither !!
Why is it so hard to buy a top end player these days? lol

Looking at the UTV Bono, what firmware does it use, NMT ? Cant find a review on it or anything but it does look quite nice !

Anyone got any recommendations ?


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well if you want something NOW then a Netgear EVA8000 can be picked up cheap, does all you want, except no built in hard drive - you have to attach one via USB


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well if you want something NOW then a Netgear EVA8000 can be picked up cheap, does all you want, except no built in hard drive - you have to attach one via USB

I'd avoid this like the plague if you want to stream high bitrate HD, apparently it's just not up to it.


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How do you find your Popcorn smurf?

The Egreat M32 is supposed to be popcorn based so I could then put that snazzy movie interface on top, and the otpion would then be there to update to a dvd drive if necesssary.

The HDI dune although nice is looking more and more expensive the more i look at it.

Also Tempted by the TVIX M6500 /M7000 but am stumped, I cant decide !

Any help anyone?


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It depends on how quickly you want the unit and what you want from it.

Do you need DTS decoding or is passthrough fine?
Do you need DTS-HD audio passthrough to an AVR?
Do you want internal storage?
Do you want serving apps?
Do you want an active firmware development program?
Do you want an active user community?
Do you want a flashy GUI or is it just polish on a youknowwhattoyou?
Do you want WiFi or ethernet?
Do you want BD player in it, how important is it?

Money bears no relationship to quality or fullfilling your needs with most of these players.

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